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Demon Lord Ninetails plush (Okami)

okami ninetails plush

Okami is one of my favourite games and I’ve been meaning to make this plush for a long time. Now I have the embroidery machine I could actually make it a reality! However I didn’t expect it to take me over 6 months to complete. Even when making significant progress on something like the tails, the shear amount of work still involved was daunting and stopped me continuing at a couple of points. Underneath all the detail is a very simple sitting fox template. The mask took an hour on its own to embroider and the first attempt I made at it when all skewed at the end where something went wrong with the machine – the gears got jammed […]

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A small herd of Concrete Genie plushies!

Concrete genie splotch plush

If you own a PS4 and haven’t taken a look at the award-winning Concrete Genie, I strongly recommend you do. The game is a joy to play and the art style is beautiful. I was asked to make plushies based closely on designs provided by the game art team for either a small production run or just to have around the office. There were a lot of first for me here. I got a sewing machine just for this project and will never look back – everything before now was done completely by hand and took forever. I made my first human plush when doing Ash and now I feel more confident in trying a human creation of my own. […]

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“Riki fight better than anyone!”

Riki plush is ready to sell. Available at https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/482850266/riki-plushie-xenoblade-chronicles. I wasn’t able to add a voice box like I wanted, because of a cock-up when ordering. I’ve got voice boxes that will play one long tune but not one that will play many sound files. The voice box was also too big to fit in the wing like I wanted, so has been left out. However, I was able to tidy up Riki’s sewing, stuffing, and add new arms, legs and wings. It might not bee too obvious form the pictures below but the attachment of the new limbs is much better, the arms are now a better proportion and the wings are a better shape with nicer dying too them […]

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Shadow Kargarok plush – The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

shadow kargarok plush face

Not a very pretty plush but a cool monster and a break from making lots of Pokemon. This creature is a shadow Kargarok from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. They’re a pretty minor enemy but one that stuck in my mind as a well designed one. This plush is made entirely of Ash grey Shannon plush fabric – and lots of it! It has detail on the face using opaque fabric markers but it is otherwise very simple in terms of colours used. The shape on the other hand is crazy with the wings being particularly fiddly. I’d seen plushes with holes sewn in them before, all Queen Chrysalis plushes, and all with comments form the creators complaining about […]

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Spiritlord/Glasya Labolas Plush – The Last Remnant

Spiritlord plush - side

This is something I’ve wanted to make for ages – a plush of the monster Glasya Labolas (or Stymphalian Bird) from the Last Remnant. If you’re not aware of The Last Remnant, it’s an RPG by SquareEnix that didn’t score too well with critics (between 6 and 7 out of 10) but was a joy to play. My favourite monsters were the Spiritlord groups – large scary looking birds that are many times taller than a man. They were usually tricky to defeat too. Spiritlords came in three different pallets – basic (red/orange), Blackwing-style (red and black) and the style used for the common enemy Glasya Labolas and a few rare versions of the monster which is mainly a mixture of blues. This […]

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Oka plushie

While I might stop short at his 11 littlepons, I had to make Riki’s wifepon Oka to keep him company. While the basic shape is the same, Oka’s outfit is much more complicated to create. There are a lot of little components to assemble and a lot of boards that need to be kept the same width on an awkward shape. Oka’s body and bow are made from minky/cuddle soft fabric. Her flower bracelets are fixed on with little cord rings so they can be easily taken on and off. Her outfit is white felt with magenta, lilac and mint coloured self-adhesive felt for the details. She is very pretty when assembled with a friendly face. I can see why […]

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Giant Riki plushie finished!

Riki plush (large)

UPDATE December 2016 – Riki is available for sale at https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/482850266/riki-plushie-xenoblade-chronicles Here are a few photos of my giant Riki plush. With his feather comb he easily stands at 40cm high. Made in the same way as my Riki mini-plush, he also features his backback and thumbs! Here are a few more photos of giant Riki: And here are both Rikis together:

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Riki mini-plush (Xenoblade Chronicles) finished!

Riki mini plush

UPDATE December 2016 – Giant Riki is available for sale at https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/482850266/riki-plushie-xenoblade-chronicles Two Riki plushies are on the go now and one is complete. While waiting for the feathers to turn up for the comb of big Riki I realised I had enough time and material to complete a smaller Riki too. Again this one was made using the official Riki plush template from Xenoblade: The Secret Files – Monado Archives that I translated from Japanese (well, Google translated it. I skilfully pointed my camera at things). Mini-Riki is about one third the size of my original Riki Both Rikis have a body made from cuddle-soft plush fabric and clothes made from a mixture of normal and self-adhesive felt. Orange detail […]

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