Other games

Mog of War

Based on my World of Final Fantasy/Kupirate moogles, this Kratos moogle is much more cross.

RiME fox plush

My competition entry to the RiME Create Contest. This little fox joins you on your journey through the video game RiME, released on May 26th. If you liked the style of Ico then this game is definitely for you.

“Riki fight better than anyone!”

Update Oct 2020: I’ve had quite a few requests for these lately. I’m pretty busy at the moment but I’m going to try an get a few little ones done – please keep an eye on the web shop (https://www.owlsteaparty.com/shop/) or Twitter (https://twitter.com/owlsteaparty) I wasn’t able to add a voice box like I wanted, because “Riki fight better than anyone!”

Oka plushie

While I might stop short at his 11 littlepons, I had to make Riki’s wifepon Oka to keep him company. While the basic shape is the same, Oka’s outfit is much more complicated to create. There are a lot of little components to assemble and a lot of boards that need to be kept the Oka plushie