Shadow Kargarok plush – The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Not a very pretty plush but a cool monster and a break from making lots of Pokemon. This creature is a shadow Kargarok from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. They’re a pretty minor enemy but one that stuck in my mind as a well designed one.shadow_kargarok_plush_twilight_princess_2

This plush is made entirely of Ash grey Shannon plush fabric – and lots of it! It has detail on the face using opaque fabric markers but it is otherwise very simple in terms of colours used. The shape on the other hand is crazy with the wings being particularly fiddly. I’d seen plushes with holes sewn in them before, all Queen Chrysalis plushes, and all with comments form the creators complaining about sewing holes! Luckily they were shallow holes to sew and didn’t need any sort of fabric cone on the inside to bulk them out to the width of the wings. I hemmed the holes while the template was inside out, then turned it out and sewed up the holes as I stuffed the wings. Ended up taking a lot of time to complete.


The whole plush is full of aluminium wire so the legs. tail and wings are pose-able. The wings are a little heavy though so don’t pose too well. He’s the perfect size for cuddling and fits curled up in your arm very nicely. This Shadow Kargarok will be up for sale in a few days. I’ll post a link here once I do. If you want me to hurry up with getting it on the online shop then just pop me a message that you’re interested.