Doduo and Weepinduo plushies

My obsession with Pokemon Go continues. Both of these plushies are up for sale, please visit my Etsy Store to take a look.

Despite the fact I still haven’t caught a Doduo, I love bird Pokemon so felt the need to make one anyway. In addition to this, I have created his cousin Weepinduo (famous from the “Be strong, Clarence“) meme) as they share much of the same template.

First, doduo:

Doduo plush

Doduo is made from high-quality faux fur and minky fabric. A dot of acrylic paint highlights the eyes. He’s also very large, standing at 42cm tall. Aluminium armature throughout the whole body means that he can stand (with some balancing) and his necks are poseable. doduo plush


His cousin, Weepinduo is based on a Pokemon fusion of Weepinbell and Doduo. He’s made in a similar way to Doduo (faux fur and minky) but the armature is only in his necks to make them poseable. His legs are floppy and useless as I tried to stay true to the meme. The Weepinbell side of Weepinduo has googly eyes, as I felt they were highly appropriate.


weepinduo plush


Together they make a very cute pair.

duduo and weepinduo plush2