Work in progress

Work in progress – August 2021

I regularly post work in progress on Twitter or Instagram so please follow @owlsteaparty on either for more regular updates than here!

I hadn’t posted an update here since March 2020! Unfortunately had been dealing with a large commission and a great deal of burnout. However I’m picking up the pace again. I’m still aiming to do the following:

  • Still need to revamp the website. The homepage will actually have useful information and be more than a list of blog posts but the wordpress blog format isn’t making it easy.
  • Some popular tutorials still need rewriting. The Rowlet template is all revamped but there’s big fixes that need making to dragon and the format of all the tutorials in general.
  • The new shop format has proved a success. I’ll never know what sales I miss being off of Etsy but I’ve had no issues with the integrated shop front so wont be going back. Shipping is still pricey but it looks like the cost is starting to go down again rather than up so I’ll be adjusting prices when I list some more items.

And in terms of actual plush toys:

  • Amaro is in progress.
  • Senorita Sabotender from FFXIV (maybe)
  • Roc from NieR Replicant/Gestalt (the wolf pack leader)
  • More Ozma balls! I’ve had a lot of emails about restocking them I’m redoing the pattern and printing on something other than printing minky – I hate the way the white shows up under the pile once the flat fabric is stretched into a plush. I have some cushions made out of custom printed velvet but it’s a bit pricier.
  • Finally, old Hoothoot from Pokemon Journeys. I’m feeling that energy. Old Hoothoot