Work in progress

Work in progress – March 2020

I post work in progress on Twitter or Instagram. I’m also increasingly using Tumblr too but it can be a very odd place.

I’m so busy at the moment I don’t have any time to work on plushies or other crafts. If I do get the chance, this is what’s in progress at the moment:

  • I’m trying to shift around the site a bit – the blog format makes it very hard to navigate around so I need to move away from standard WordPress stuff. Rewrite some of the old tutorials, better images, gallery, etc.
  • New shop. I’ll be closing down my Etsy store and moving it here. I may temporarily close down sales completely as I really don’t want to go wait at the post office and potentially catch something.
  • Demon Ninetails from Okami. Plush is about 60% there. Fox body done and tail components completed but need assembling. Haven’t started on the head at all
  • Dress-up moogle plush. I have a nice moogle template that I can reuse for lots of different themes (eg Mog of War). I’m dressing this one up as a moogle from Amaurot with a traditional mask and a Hades/Emet mask.

What’s coming up:

  • Getting more free sewing templates online (e.g. Pidgey)
  • Crystal Exarch plush. I’ve found a cool way to do gold trims (basically glue and gold powder) but will have to see how neat the result is.
  • Maybe Twintania plush. Dunno.
  • I have all the fabric for a Shinryu plush but not a huge amount of motivation to make one.
  • Chibi-style Amaro.
  • Something that isn’t from Final Fantasy XIV! Although since the Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming out there will either be loads of inspiration or I’ll get nothing done from playing it.