Some highlights of my work and easy navigation to various posts by subject matter and game series. Each article may contain sewing templates or links to buy completed plushes, if they are still available.

Final Fantasy


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Team Ico

Trico – The Last Guardian

Trico plush thumbnail
A fairly large plush version of the loveable character¬†from Team Ico’s latest game: The Last Guardian. As big as a house cat and better tempered, this is currently my favourite creation.

Trico  plush


Xenoblade Chronicles


Thumbnail - Riki from Xenoblade Chronciles
I made two versions of Riki, based from a template that was included with one of the Xenoblade Chronicles art books. One is small and pretty cute. The other is much larger (close to life-size) and is surprisingly intimidating.

Small Riki plush

Giant Riki Plush



Oka Plush Thumbnail
Beautiful Oka, Riki’s wifeypon. She uses the same template as Riki for the body but also features a minky bow an a custom outfit. I made one Oka plush to match the smaller Riki.


Oka plush




The Legend of Zelda – Twilight princess: Shadow Kargarok



Plush based on the shadow version of the kargarok in Twilight Princess.

Kargarok Plush


Red Dwarf – Skutter

A fun little plush of a skutter from sci-fi TV series Red Dwarf.

Skutter plush


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