Patterns and tutorials

A collection of sewing patterns and other tutorials for plush or teddy bear making.

Sewing patterns

Moogle doll – Final Fantasy XV

Moogle doll sewing pattern


Sun and Moon starter Pokemon – Rowlet and Litten

Litten and rowlet plush thumbnail
Plush templates for two of the Pokemon Sun/Moon started Pokemon:


Rowlet sewing pattern

Litten sewing pattern


Chibi Pokemon – Charizard

Chibi Charizard plush


A little chibi charizard that you can sew yourself!

Charizard/chibi dragon sewing pattern




Riki & Oka – Xenoblade Chronicles

Oka and Riki plushes - Xenoblade Chronicles
Based on the template from the Xenoblade Chronicles art book. Can be used to make any nopon on the bionis!

Riki sewing pattern

Oka sewing pattern