Scorbunny plush

A quick one – just a picture of the Scorbunny plush I made a while back. Also my favourite bedsheets.

Starlight Growlithe

Some quick photos of an old commission. Growlithe in a ‘starlight’ style with purples and sparkly faux fur.

Shiny Rowlet plush

Thanks to the wonderful people who scraped the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo, we now have the sprites for all shiny versions of the starter Pokemon. Rowlet’s shiny colours are beautiful teals in place or the brown and green. It’s orange feet and beak are now a reddish colour. This was a great opportunity to Shiny Rowlet plush

Zapdos door hanger

I added this to Etsy a few days ago but only just remembered to post about it now. This is a little door hanger (or it will stand on a shelf) of Zapdos. It’s baby/chibi sized with a happy expression. It’s still available to buy.

Doduo and Weepinduo plushies

My obsession with Pokemon Go continues. Both of these plushies are up for sale, please visit my Etsy Store to take a look. Despite the fact I still haven’t caught a Doduo, I love bird Pokemon so felt the need to make one anyway. In addition to this, I have created his cousin Weepinduo (famous Doduo and Weepinduo plushies

Pidgey plushie (aka Rural Pokemon Go Simulator)

[EDIT: Pidgey is now for sale at https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/460223022/lifesize-pidgey-plush] Having just finished a lunch-time walk around my hometown that comprised of nothing but Pidgeys, Ratatas and Spearows, I began to wonder about the poor people who were missing out on this disapointment, and so I had an idea. Unable to play Pokemon Go? Phone too low spec, Pidgey plushie (aka Rural Pokemon Go Simulator)

Pikipek plush

Here’s a cheeky Pokemon plush before I start working on something a little more complicated. This cutie is Pikipek in flight. If you’re not aware of who Pikipek is, this flying Pokemon has been named as one of the new Pokemon in Sun and Moon. Expect it to have two more evolution in usual starting Pikipek plush

Litten plush – Pokemon Sun & Moon

Following on from the very popular Rowlet plush, I made a very small Litten to give to a friend. It matches the size of the original Rowlet plush and make a nice pair. Both of these have sewing templates available to download. Rowlet Sewing Template Litten Sewing Template