Pidgey plushie (aka Rural Pokemon Go Simulator)

[EDIT: Pidgey is now for sale at]

Having just finished a lunch-time walk around my hometown that comprised of nothing but Pidgeys, Ratatas and Spearows, I began to wonder about the poor people who were missing out on this disapointment, and so I had an idea.

Unable to play Pokemon Go? Phone too low spec, no data plan or just temporarily out of battery? Then this is for you! The Rural Pokemon Go Simulator! Just place Pidgey around the house or on the path as you go out for walks and you’ll get the same experience as the rest of us rural players.

Pidgey plush in Pokemon Go

You can even throw things at Pidgey if you really want, but for the real “no Pokestops around so constantly out of Pokeballs” experience then look at your phone, frown, and continue on your way.

Find Pidgeys around the home…

Pidgey plush in Pokemon Go

… at your desk …

Pidgey plush in Pokemon Go

… anywhere is a Pidgey spawn!

Pidgey plush in Pokemon Go

I’ll post the sewing pattern so you can make your own Pidgey soon :3 Re-live that “waiting for the release day” hype!

tl;dr: I made a life-sized plushie Pidgey.