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Shiny Rowlet plush

Thanks to the wonderful people who scraped the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo, we now have the sprites for all shiny versions of the starter Pokemon. Rowlet’s shiny colours are beautiful teals in place or the brown and green. It’s orange feet and beak are now a reddish colour. This was a great opportunity to take another look at my Rowlet plushie template and make a lovely shiny Rowlet. This little guy isn’t for sale, but I may make some more in the future. EDIT: the featured image now has wings! He looked like he needed them.

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Lycanroc pokemon plush – Sun version

Lycanroc plush

Rockruff’s evolutions have finally been revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon. This leaves me in a dilemma, as I was going to get the Moon version, as I prefer Lunaala, but now definitely want the Sun version for this Lycanroc. May have to wait until Rowlet’s evolutions have been revealed to make a final decision (not that I have a 3DS yet) This is my interpretation of Lycanroc, with faux fur additions and proper teddy bear glass eyes instead of the weird semi-circle eyes that he’s been given which I think gives a much nicer finish to this wolf Pokemon. I love this little pupper but have put Lycanroc up for sale as he was mainly some wolf practise for an […]

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Zapdos door hanger

Chibi Zapdos plush

I added this to Etsy a few days ago but only just remembered to post about it now. This is a little door hanger (or it will stand on a shelf) of Zapdos. It’s baby/chibi sized with a happy expression. It’s still available to buy.

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Doduo and Weepinduo plushies

Duduo and weepinduo plushies

My obsession with Pokemon Go continues. Both of these plushies are up for sale, please visit my Etsy Store to take a look. Despite the fact I still haven’t caught a Doduo, I love bird Pokemon so felt the need to make one anyway. In addition to this, I have created his cousin Weepinduo (famous from the “Be strong, Clarence“) meme) as they share much of the same template. First, doduo: Doduo is made from high-quality faux fur and minky fabric. A dot of acrylic paint highlights the eyes. He’s also very large, standing at 42cm tall. Aluminium armature throughout the whole body means that he can stand (with some balancing) and his necks are poseable.    His cousin, Weepinduo […]

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Pidgey plushie (aka Rural Pokemon Go Simulator)

Pokemon Pidgey plushie

[EDIT: Pidgey is now for sale at https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/460223022/lifesize-pidgey-plush] Having just finished a lunch-time walk around my hometown that comprised of nothing but Pidgeys, Ratatas and Spearows, I began to wonder about the poor people who were missing out on this disapointment, and so I had an idea. Unable to play Pokemon Go? Phone too low spec, no data plan or just temporarily out of battery? Then this is for you! The Rural Pokemon Go Simulator! Just place Pidgey around the house or on the path as you go out for walks and you’ll get the same experience as the rest of us rural players. You can even throw things at Pidgey if you really want, but for the real “no Pokestops around […]

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Pikipek plush

Pikapek plush

Here’s a cheeky Pokemon plush before I start working on something a little more complicated. This cutie is Pikipek in flight. If you’re not aware of who Pikipek is, this flying Pokemon has been named as one of the new Pokemon in Sun and Moon. Expect it to have two more evolution in usual starting area Flying Pokemon style. It seems to be based on a woodpecker and certainly shares all the colours and shape of Greater/Lesser spotted woodpeckers (that’s all we have in the UK other than the green woodpecker, I’m sure there are plenty more variations in the US). Pikipek is available for sale at https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/464626829/pikipek-pokemon-plush po

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Litten plushie sewing template

Litten plush - pokemon sun and moon

I’ve already shared my Rowlet plushie sewing template, and today I’ve finally got around to digitising the sewing template for my Litten plush too. I love the Pokemon Sun and Moon starters and I can’t wait until the game is released. While I wait for Pokemon Sun and Moon to become available, I guess I’ll be making any Gen 7 Pokemon plushes that I can (keep an eye out for a Lunaala plush soon). So, here is my Litten plush template. It’s much more fiddly and time consuming than Rowlet but produces a nice looking beanie-style Litten. I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners. This template has very little embroidery – only a small amount for the nose and mouth that could […]

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Rowlet plush sewing template (+shiny rowlet colour guide)

Rowlet plush template main image

Welcome to my Rowlet / Shiny Rowlet plush tutorial! This plush doesn’t need an embroidery machine and eye detail can either be made with sticky back felt or there’s some very basic hand embroidery. The sewing template is designed to be printed at A4 sized and marks the sewing line. You will need to cut around 5mm around the edge of all pieces of the template as a seam. Template Page 1 Template Page 2 You will need: Minky or fleece: Brown/Tan [Light blue if shiny] White Green [Teal if shiny] Orange [Red if shiny] For the eyes – either sticky back felt (black & white) or black embroidery thread Polyfibre stuffing. Old pillowcase stuffing will do if you don’t […]

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