Rowlet plush sewing template (+shiny rowlet colour guide)

Welcome to my Rowlet / Shiny Rowlet plush tutorial!

This plush doesn’t need an embroidery machine and eye detail can either be made with sticky back felt or there’s some very basic hand embroidery.

The sewing template is designed to be printed at A4 sized and marks the sewing line. You will need to cut around 5mm around the edge of all pieces of the template as a seam.

You will need:

  • Minky or fleece:
    • Brown/Tan [Light blue if shiny]
    • White
    • Green [Teal if shiny]
    • Orange [Red if shiny]
  • For the eyes – either sticky back felt (black & white) or black embroidery thread
  • Polyfibre stuffing. Old pillowcase stuffing will do if you don’t have this already.

shiny rowlet plush

I made this plush a long time ago so I’m afraid there’s no helpful photos to guide you, but hopefully it’s simple enough to follow if you’ve made a plush toy before.

  1. (optional – if you’re going for embroidered ^_^ eyes, sew them on to the eye piece of the body now)
  2. Sew the inset white eye area to the brown front of the body. Pin it in place otherwise you’ll end up with it all off centre.
  3. Sew the white + brown front of the body together.
  4. Attach the tail (top) to the brown part of the body (back). Attach the tail (bottom) to the white part of the body (back). Sew the white and brown back of the body together.
  5. Sew the entire owl-ball together, leaving a space to turn out near where the feat or wings would be attached so it will be hidden later.
  6. Turn the owl out, stuff it firmly so there’s no wavy fabric and it’s formed a nice ball. Sew up the open seam.
  7. The beak is designed to be a stuffed sealed oval to be attached separately. I find this the easiest to get a nicely stuffed appendage that keeps it’s shape while attaching. Sew up all seams and cut a hole in the back to allow it to turn out. Stuff and attach to the face.
  8. Assemble and stuff feet, bowtie and wings and attach to body. Wings are optional in this plush if you just want a cutsie round owl.
  9. If you’ve opted for felt eyes, cut two large black ovals and two small white irises or any other expressions you would like your rowlet to have.

shiny rowlet plush

Good luck! I realise that isn’t the easiest to follow without images but I’m trying to get some of the sewing templates updated and new ones added from my stockpile so people can have something interesting to do as COVID-19 lockdown drags on.