High-res pictures from The Last Guardian

Some beautiful coverage of The Last Guardian in July’s issue of Edge magazine. Includes a double page artwork spread of the main character and our guardian beast Trico plus plenty of screenshots of the game.

Edge Cover - July 2016

I want to make a plush of Trico as soon as I can plus many of the beasts from Shadow of the Colossus when I have a little more experience with polymer clays. (EDIT: I made my Trico plush and he’s adorable!) I’ve been holding off as the game as had such a long development period that there was a danger of Trico changing in appearance. Also, the screenshots of him/her weren’t full of detail. The artwork featured in Edge this month changes that, with the front half of Trico being presented in amazing detail. A plush or art doll could certainly be made with the material provided.

Here’s a great piece of artwork of Trico, the beast from The Last Guardian. Perfect to use in a desktop wallpaper.

Hi-res artwork of The Last Guardian

I wont share the whole Edge article, I recommend getting an issue or subscription for yourself (there’s a 30-day free trial at the moment on Google Play and iTunes), but here are a few more images of Trico I’ll be using as reference images for a Trico plush/fur sculpture.

The Last Guardian screens The Last Guardian screens The Last Guardian screens