Spiritlord/Glasya Labolas Plush – The Last Remnant

This is something I’ve wanted to make for ages – a plush of the monster Glasya Labolas (or Stymphalian Bird) from the Last Remnant. If you’re not aware of The Last Remnant, it’s an RPG by SquareEnix that didn’t score too well with critics (between 6 and 7 out of 10) but was a joy to play. My favourite monsters were the Spiritlord groups – large scary looking birds that are many times taller than a man. They were usually tricky to defeat too. Spiritlords came in three different pallets – basic (red/orange), Blackwing-style (red and black) and the style used for the common enemy Glasya Labolas and a few rare versions of the monster which is mainly a mixture of blues.

This plush is made from faux fur, minky and polymer clay. It has armature in the body, limbs and tail meaning it’s completely poseable. I’m really happy with the body shape, fabrics and colours used but not totally happy with the face. For my first time using polymer clay, it’s probably the best I can do with my skill level but I’d still like it to be a bit more detailed and a bit less cartoony. I’ve also learned to attach the horns to the skull/face next time! I’ve had to glue each one on individually and they’re a little wobbly.

I’d love to make more bird type fantasy monsters after working on this guy. Hopefully something like a griffin, chimeras or sphynx. I don’t know whether to shy away from polymer clay as I’m not happy with my ability, or to keep at it and hope I get better. I suppose it will depend on the subject matter.

Anyway, some more photos below:

The Last Remnant plush

Spiritlord plush - The Last Remnant

Spiritlord plush - back

Spiritlord plush