I’m still here

FFXIV Emperor hairpin 3D printed

Hi! I’ve not gone anywhere – I’m just having a bad time of it at the moment. Most of my sewing/printing stuff is in boxes. I’m not sure when that will change but it’s making things a little difficult at the moment. My hosting wanted to charge me a small fortune to renewal so I had to quickly cancel than and am slowly rebuilding the site. My attempts to print and post 3D printed goods has fallen flat – some have arrived just fine but one was basically stamped on by the postal service and the other was so well packed and completely crush proof but still shattered due to vibrations and generally being thrown around. However, things are starting to look up. My mental health and motivation are improving. I’ve got some really fun cosplay/props to show and want to start making plush toys again. Things have moved on a lot since I started this website in 2016 – Patreon formats are the norm and updates come with a price. I wont be doing that. I know I wont have the time to bring monthly dedicated updates to make it worth a subscriber fee and tbh I don’t necessarily I’m still here

Happy 2021

Chocobo figurine

Oh it’s already October. Oh dear. I’ve been suffering a bit of burn out due to a several month long project that wasn’t hugely successful and a lack of inspiration as to what to make once I had my time back. Combine that with the general fatigue of the pandemic and exhaustion from working full time, I’ve really struggled to continue with crafting and maintaining the website. However I’ve been able to change my hours to work a little less and have found some inspiration in a new resin printing hobby. I’ll definitely go back to my plushies – there’s a few unfinished and a small list of items I still want to make. I’ve invested so much money into fabric I daren’t stop anyway! But for now I’m having a great time printing and painting figurines. So far these have been from video games (taking the in game models and enhancing – so wont be anything I’ll be selling) or from a few Patreon creators (my favourite so far is Lord of the Print). The results from the printer are astounding. I picked up an Elegoo Mars 2 and ABS-like Grey resin (as it’s supposed to be pretty forgiving Happy 2021

High-res pictures from The Last Guardian

Some beautiful coverage of The Last Guardian in July’s issue of Edge magazine. Includes a double page artwork spread of the main character and our guardian beast Trico plus plenty of screenshots of the game. I want to make a plush of Trico as soon as I can plus many of the beasts from Shadow of the Colossus when I have a little more experience with polymer clays. (EDIT: I made my Trico plush and he’s adorable!) I’ve been holding off as the game as had such a long development period that there was a danger of Trico changing in appearance. Also, the screenshots of him/her weren’t full of detail. The artwork featured in Edge this month changes that, with the front half of Trico being presented in amazing detail. A plush or art doll could certainly be made with the material provided. Here’s a great piece of artwork of Trico, the beast from The Last Guardian. Perfect to use in a desktop wallpaper. I wont share the whole Edge article, I recommend getting an issue or subscription for yourself (there’s a 30-day free trial at the moment on Google Play and iTunes), but here are a few more images of High-res pictures from The Last Guardian

FFXV Carbuncle reference images and screenshots

For anyone interested in drawing or making Carbuncle from the new FFXV Platinum Demo, here are a number of images of him from throughout the demo. There are a number of different poses and body parts featured useful in getting colours and proportions correct. I’ll be using it for my Carbuncle figurine and plushie and I hope this helps you too 🙂

Portal 2 Ratman Wall Murals

Being a huge fan of Portal 2, I really wanted to have a root around in the game’s files and see what spoils I could find. Along with a variety of sound files and music (the Soundtrack that Valve have released is much better), I managed to stumble across the collection of silly posters dotted around the game and finally, the wall dioramas by the Rat Man. If you’re looking for these yourselves, they’re named diorama_tile1_01 through to diorama_tile1_05, all nabbed from pak01_dir.vpk. The wall murals show the sequence of events leading up to Portal 2, from GladOS’s creation to Chell’s original trials and ‘escape’.