I’m still here

FFXIV Emperor hairpin 3D printed

Hi! I’ve not gone anywhere – I’m just having a bad time of it at the moment. Most of my sewing/printing stuff is in boxes. I’m not sure when that will change but it’s making things a little difficult at the moment. My hosting wanted to charge me a small fortune to renewal so I I’m still here

Happy 2021

Chocobo figurine

Oh it’s already October. Oh dear. I’ve been suffering a bit of burn out due to a several month long project that wasn’t hugely successful and a lack of inspiration as to what to make once I had my time back. Combine that with the general fatigue of the pandemic and exhaustion from working full Happy 2021

Portal 2 Ratman Wall Murals

Being a huge fan of Portal 2, I really wanted to have a root around in the game’s files and see what spoils I could find. Along with a variety of sound files and music (the Soundtrack that Valve have released is much better), I managed to stumble across the collection of silly posters dotted Portal 2 Ratman Wall Murals