I’m still here

FFXIV Emperor hairpin 3D printed

Hi! I’ve not gone anywhere – I’m just having a bad time of it at the moment.

Most of my sewing/printing stuff is in boxes. I’m not sure when that will change but it’s making things a little difficult at the moment.

My hosting wanted to charge me a small fortune to renewal so I had to quickly cancel than and am slowly rebuilding the site.

My attempts to print and post 3D printed goods has fallen flat – some have arrived just fine but one was basically stamped on by the postal service and the other was so well packed and completely crush proof but still shattered due to vibrations and generally being thrown around.

However, things are starting to look up. My mental health and motivation are improving. I’ve got some really fun cosplay/props to show and want to start making plush toys again. Things have moved on a lot since I started this website in 2016 – Patreon formats are the norm and updates come with a price. I wont be doing that. I know I wont have the time to bring monthly dedicated updates to make it worth a subscriber fee and tbh I don’t necessarily agree with WIP being hidden behind a paywall. I come from a software development background – the web was built on free libraries, free help and collaboration. I know I am small compared to the thousands of creators out there but what I can bring I want to do so with the same ethos as my job.

I’ll still share free sewing templates and how I’m making my cosplay props, and will also have finished pieces for sale on the web shop.