Demon Lord Ninetails plush (Okami)

okami ninetails plush

Okami is one of my favourite games and I’ve been meaning to make this plush for a long time. Now I have the embroidery machine I could actually make it a reality! However I didn’t expect it to take me over 6 months to complete. Even when making significant progress on something like the tails, the shear amount of work still involved was daunting and stopped me continuing at a couple of points.

Underneath all the detail is a very simple sitting fox template. The mask took an hour on its own to embroider and the first attempt I made at it when all skewed at the end where something went wrong with the machine – the gears got jammed or something – and I had to start again as all the outlines ended up wrong. Each tail was almost a plush on its own with an individually embroidered mask recreated from some blurry screenshots from the game, detail in cotton and various faux furs and painted and varnished prayer beads. The tails are all wired so they can stand up (they can be a little unruly though). Of course the demon fox has little beanies too.

I was so pleased to actually finish but realised that it was far too big to display anywhere in the house so have sold it on.