Rot plush from Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Kena plush

I’ve got my PS5 pre-ordered so I’m allowed to start getting excited about next gen games! One of the games I’m most anticipating is Kena: Bridge of Spirits – the graphics and atmosphere look cute and Ghibli-esque. I was worried initially seeing the first trailer that it was going to be a little like Pikmin due to the rot, but it looks like that isn’t the case (and my only reason for worry is that I’m utterly rubbish at Pikmin). I think Kena: Bridge of Spirits was going to be a launch title, or close enough to count, but has unfortunately been delayed until Q1 2021.

To tide me over I’ve made two of the rot. The first is a standard rot with a few little mushroom spores and leaves. Apparently you can customise your rot with hats, etc in game. Mine is eu natural.

rot plush rot plush

The black embroidery on black fabric didn’t really work on this one an he’s a little … plain I guess? So I decided to make Hero Rot, who sits on Kena’s shoulder

With faux fur, little antlers and many more leaves and flowers, this one turned out so much cooler!

Hero rot plush from kena