Vanguard plush from Demon’s Souls

Demon's Souls Vanguard plush

I’ll admit, my only experience with the Souls games is Bloodborne. I had no idea what I was getting into when I bought it – I’d just heard around the office that it was a really cool game so bought it at launch assuming it would be happy romp through a demon infested city a little like Devil May Cry. At first my partner and I were like … what are we doing wrong? Are we going the wrong way or not using an important feature? Why are we dying all the time? Then we learned. Yes: dying all the time. That is the game. Enjoy. So while I’m intrigued by Demon’s Souls – I really wont be playing it. I want to go back and replay Bloodborne (I did finish it in the end) but remember the struggle and that’s just not my kind of thing. I need to relax with gaming. That’s why I gave up raiding in Final Fantasy XIV. I don’t have the time any more to be that frustrated.

To celebrate the PS5 Demon’s Souls remake I was commissioned to produce a plush toy of Vanguard. At the time there was barely any resource on the remake so had to be based on the old design of the original game. There are several big differences (chains, etc) but most importantly the remake version doesn’t have as substantial a butt spike! I imagine this is how they choose mates. It’s a travesty that the butt spike was nerfed.

There are a few embroidered details but mostly hand stitching faux suede components to get the Vanguard looking really cool and spikey. It took days to get the body shape right – I had absolutely nothing similar to start off with and it’s not a simple body shape at all. I doubt I’ll make anything like it again but was fun to try something different. I’ve hopefully done the Vanguard justice – I tried my best not to make him too chibi. But keeping it interesting with something 100% grey is hard!

Demon's souls plush vanguard