Oka plushie

While I might stop short at his 11 littlepons, I had to make Riki’s wifepon Oka to keep him company. While the basic shape is the same, Oka’s outfit is much more complicated to create. There are a lot of little components to assemble and a lot of boards that need to be kept the same width on an awkward shape.
Oka’s body and bow are made from minky/cuddle soft fabric. Her flower bracelets are fixed on with little cord rings so they can be easily taken on and off.
Oka plush body front
Oka plush body back

Her outfit is white felt with magenta, lilac and mint coloured self-adhesive felt for the details.

Oka plush coat

She is very pretty when assembled with a friendly face. I can see why Riki married her. :3 Her hair is made from pink and white feathers that have been curled with heat (I was able to buy them like this on eBay). It’s not an exact representation of her hair but it compliments the way Riki’s hair has been achieved very nicely.

Oka plushie finished

If you would like to make Oka yourself, I’ve made the sewing template available here.

Oka and Riki (again!)