Xenoblade Chronicles

“Riki fight better than anyone!”

Update Oct 2020: I’ve had quite a few requests for these lately. I’m pretty busy at the moment but I’m going to try an get a few little ones done – please keep an eye on the web shop (https://www.owlsteaparty.com/shop/) or Twitter (https://twitter.com/owlsteaparty) I wasn’t able to add a voice box like I wanted, because of a cock-up when ordering. I’ve got voice boxes that will play one long tune but not one that will play many sound files. The voice box was also too big to fit in the wing like I wanted, so has been left out. However, I was able to tidy up Riki’s sewing, stuffing, and add new arms, legs and wings. It might not bee too obvious form the pictures below but the attachment of the new limbs is much better, the arms are now a better proportion and the wings are a better shape with nicer dying too them (plus wire). The outfit was all fine to remains untouched. And he’s still as giant as ever.

Oka plushie

While I might stop short at his 11 littlepons, I had to make Riki’s wifepon Oka to keep him company. While the basic shape is the same, Oka’s outfit is much more complicated to create. There are a lot of little components to assemble and a lot of boards that need to be kept the same width on an awkward shape. Oka’s body and bow are made from minky/cuddle soft fabric. Her flower bracelets are fixed on with little cord rings so they can be easily taken on and off. Her outfit is white felt with magenta, lilac and mint coloured self-adhesive felt for the details. She is very pretty when assembled with a friendly face. I can see why Riki married her. :3 Her hair is made from pink and white feathers that have been curled with heat (I was able to buy them like this on eBay). It’s not an exact representation of her hair but it compliments the way Riki’s hair has been achieved very nicely. If you would like to make Oka yourself, I’ve made the sewing template available here.  

Oka plushie sewing template (Xenoblade Chronicles)

I couldn’t leave dear Riki without his wifeypon, Oka. The following template is based on the official Xenoblade Chronicles Riki plush template with a different outfit. Number of copies of each component is included on the template. Use the concept image on the template or any of my Oka plush images for reference. Suggested fabrics are fleece/minky for the body and felt for the costume. I also used a darker pink minky for the bow but you could use any fabric you want. You’ll also need a face/cheeks (which I’ve again done in felt but would be lovely if embroidered) and feathers for the hair. Download high-res template (160 kB)

Giant Riki plushie finished!

UPDATE December 2016 – Riki is available for sale at https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/482850266/riki-plushie-xenoblade-chronicles Here are a few photos of my giant Riki plush. With his feather comb he easily stands at 40cm high. Made in the same way as my Riki mini-plush, he also features his backback and thumbs! Here are a few more photos of giant Riki: And here are both Rikis together:

Riki mini-plush (Xenoblade Chronicles) finished!

UPDATE December 2016 – Giant Riki is available for sale at https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/482850266/riki-plushie-xenoblade-chronicles Two Riki plushies are on the go now and one is complete. While waiting for the feathers to turn up for the comb of big Riki I realised I had enough time and material to complete a smaller Riki too. Again this one was made using the official Riki plush template from Xenoblade: The Secret Files – Monado Archives that I translated from Japanese (well, Google translated it. I skilfully pointed my camera at things). Mini-Riki is about one third the size of my original Riki Both Rikis have a body made from cuddle-soft plush fabric and clothes made from a mixture of normal and self-adhesive felt. Orange detail was added in marker pen and the hair/comb made from marabou feathers (use marabou-style instead of something like ostrich feathers are they’re much fluffier. They’re unlikely to be actual marabou feathers though and most likely come from turkeys). Face was done in black adhesive felt but I’d love it to be embroidered (I suck at embroidery). Here he is, the finished plush: My finished heropon looking very handsome Some more images:

Riki plushie (Xenoblade Chronicles) [IN PROGRESS]

A few progress photos of my Riki plush, based on the official template that came in the Xenoblade art book (you can see the translated template here). I made a few alterations to the template as I scaled it up to about twice the size it was originally support to be. He’s about the size of a football. The arms and legs didn’t work so had to be rescaled and the legs re-designed. Some aspects about the back of the coat were changed too but mostly the template worked perfectly. Just the body and arms Other plushies don’t like Riki. He’s not green. Legs and wings attached. Wings coloured in marker pen. A nearly completed Riki comes to the office Riki’s nearly done. Just his hair to do (which I’m really struggling with) and his biter.

Translated pattern for Riki plushie (Xenoblade Chronicles)

Download high-res template (473 kB) I’m 60 hours into Xenoblade Chronicles and just love Riki. He’ll be the subject of my next plushie creation, as soon as I get the time to do so. I searched around the web for a little inspiration but found very little in the way of official or custom plushies. However I did find an official plushie template that was released in the official art book: Xenoblade: The Secret Files – Monado Archives. Unfortunately this was all in Japanese with no instructions. Luckily I tracked down the instructions elsewhere (other pages in the book) and I’ve translated the template page into useful instructions. I couldn’t find another copy of the translated template on the web (except for one in French) so the English translation is below (actual translation in blue. My additional notes in orange) along with the additional image instructions.   (untranslated images originally from http://xeno-underground.net/media_xenoblade_monado_archives.html)