The Last Guardian – Trico plush

The Last Guardian plush toy

I got tired of waiting for The Last Guardian to be released, so I made a Trico of my own! This one of a kind The Last Guardian plush is made from high quality faux fur and 3mm pile plush fabric for the feet, ears and tummy. Polymer clay is used on the claws and horns, the latter of which glow in the dark. He also has plastic safety eyes and whiskers made out of thin coated steel wire. I’ll also be posting a tutorial on how to make your own whiskers for teddy bears too. He’s full of armature from head to tail meaning he can be posed in a number of ways. His tiny wings can be spread of folded to his body too.

Trico is the size of a large house cat and it about as heavy as one as well. All the faux fur, aluminium armature and stuffing end up being surprisingly heavy. He takes pride of place on my plushie shelf.

I’m hoping for some sunny weather to take a better set of photos. There are all in my unfinished loft conversion as it’s the only place that isn’t full of clutter. I also need to get some pictures taken when it gets dark to show off the glow-in-the-dark Primo clay.

I hope very much that you like Trico! Since I probably wont be getting The Last Guardian Collector’s Edition (with the super cute Trico statue of undetermined size) and will be settling with the normal copy, I’ll have to make do with my miniature guardian instead.

Trico plush from The Last Guardian Trico plush from The Last GuardianTrico plush from The Last Guardian

Final Fantasy XIII Carbuncle plush

FFXIII - Carbuncle plush

Today I finally finished this beautiful Carbuncle plush based on the carnival host in Final Fantasy XIII.

Carbuncle from FFXIII

I’ve spent a long time on this plush and I’m so glad it’s finally done! It’s made from faux fur left over from my Carbuncles from Final Fantasy XV, various shades of minky, gold leatherette, a piece of jasper as it’s gem and acrylic paints for the fox face paint.

Carbuncle is available to buy at

FFXIII - Carbuncle plushFFXIII - Carbuncle plush
FFXIII - Carbuncle plush FFXIII - Carbuncle plush

Litten plushie template

Litten plush - pokemon sun and moon

I’ve already shared my Rowlet plushie sewing template, and today I’ve finally got around to digitising the sewing template for my Litten plush too. I love the Pokemon Sun and Moon starters and I can’t wait until the game is released. While I wait for Pokemon Sun and Moon to become available, I guess I’ll be making any Gen 7 Pokemon plushes that I can (keep an eye out for a Lunaala plush soon).

So, here is my Litten plush template. It’s much more fiddly and time consuming than Rowlet but produces a nice looking beanie-style Litten. I woudn’t recommend it for beginners. This template has very little embroidery – only a small amount for the nose and mouth that could easily be completed with a parmanent marker if you’re not comfortable with embroidery at all. If instead you’d rather embroider the eyes and other face detail then I’ll leave it to you to simplify the sewing template and omit the detail you’ll be embroidering instead.

Please share any of your creations from either the Rowlet or Litten plush templates in the comments! I’d love to see them!

Litten pokemon plush template

Spiritlord/Glasya Labolas Plush – The Last Remnant

Spiritlord plush - side

This is something I’ve wanted to make for ages – a plush of the monster Glasya Labolas (or Stymphalian Bird) from the Last Remnant. If you’re not aware of The Last Remnant, it’s an RPG by SquareEnix that didn’t score too well with critics (between 6 and 7 out of 10) but was a joy to play. My favourite monsters were the Spiritlord groups – large scary looking birds that are many times taller than a man. They were usually tricky to defeat too. Spiritlords came in three different palletes – basic (red/orange), Blackwing-style (red and black) and the style used for the common enemy Glasya Labolas and a few rare versions of the monster which is mainly a mixture of blues.

This plush is made from faux fur, minky and polymer clay. It has armature in the body, limbs and tail meaning it’s completely poseable. I’m really happy with the body shape, fabrics and colours used but not totally happy with the face. For my first time using polymer clay, it’s probably the best I can do with my skill level but I’d still like it to be a bit more detailed and a bit less cartoony. I’ve also learned to attach the horns to the skull/face next time! I’ve had to glue each one on individually and they’re a little wobbly.

I’d love to make more bird type fantasy monsters after working on this guy. Hopefully something like a griffin, chimeras or sphynx. I don’t know whether to shy away from polymer clay as I’m not happy with my ability, or to keep at it and hope I get better. I suppose it will depend on the subject matter.

Anyway, some more photos below:

The Last Remnant plush

Spiritlord plush - The Last Remnant

Spiritlord plush - back

Spiritlord plush

High-res pictures from The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian - Trico

Some beautiful coverage of The Last Guardian in July’s issue of Edge magazine. Includes a double page artwork spread of the main character and our guardian beast Trico plus plenty of screenshots of the game.

Edge Cover - July 2016

I want to make a plush of Trico as soon as I can plus many of the beasts from Shadow of the Colossus when I have a little more experience with polymer clays. (EDIT: I made my Trico plush and he’s adorable!) I’ve been holding off as the game as had such a long development period that there was a danger of Trico changing in appearance. Also, the screenshots of him/her weren’t full of detail. The artwork featured in Edge this month changes that, with the front half of Trico being presented in amazing detail. A plush or art doll could certainly be made with the material provided.

Here’s a great piece of artwork of Trico, the beast from The Last Guardian. Perfect to use in a desktop wallpaper.

Hi-res artwork of The Last Guardian

I wont share the whole Edge article, I recommend getting an issue or subscription for yourself (there’s a 30-day free trial at the moment on Google Play and iTunes), but here are a few more images of Trico I’ll be using as reference images for a Trico plush/fur sculpture.

The Last Guardian screens The Last Guardian screens The Last Guardian screens