Pidgey plushie (aka Rural Pokemon Go Simulator)

Pokemon Pidgey plushie

[EDIT: Pidgey is now for sale at]

Having just finished a lunch-time walk around my hometown that comprised of nothing but Pidgeys, Ratatas and Spearows, I began to wonder about the poor people who were missing out on this disapointment, and so I had an idea.

Unable to play Pokemon Go? Phone too low spec, no data plan or just temporarily out of battery? Then this is for you! The Rural Pokemon Go Simulator! Just place Pidgey around the house or on the path as you go out for walks and you’ll get the same experience as the rest of us rural players.

Pidgey plush in Pokemon Go

You can even throw things at Pidgey if you really want, but for the real “no Pokestops around so constantly out of Pokeballs” experience then look at your phone, frown, and continue on your way.

Find Pidgeys around the home…

Pidgey plush in Pokemon Go

… at your desk …

Pidgey plush in Pokemon Go

… anywhere is a Pidgey spawn!

Pidgey plush in Pokemon Go

I’ll post the sewing pattern so you can make your own Pidgey soon :3 Re-live that “waiting for the release day” hype!

tl;dr: I made a life-sized plushie Pidgey.

New Valefor plush

Small Valefor plush

I kept my original Valefor plush since I made it but it really is too big for my growing collection of handmade and official plushes, so with the spare fabric and a practise clay mask I made a smaller version of the original Valefor plush to keep, so I can sell the larger one. (The larger plush has already sold! Sorry!)

As it’s smaller, I can use aluminium armature on the inside to let it stand on its own. Otherwise, it’s exactly the same fabrics, faux fur and yarn as the original.

Small FFX Valefor plush back

Here’s a quick photo showing the size difference between the two plushes. I still love the larger one, and it has a much better mask, but it’s just too big!

Valefor plush size comparison

Final Fantasy XV Black Chocobo plush

FFXV Black Chocobo Plush

A fluffy chocobo plush based off the black chocobo design in FFXV. This is the same fabric as my yellow chocobos but in black. The main difference here is the body shape, which is a little different, and that I used rooster feathers for the crest and tail rather than more faux fur. I was a little disappointed in the feathers that I ordered – I purposely avoided cheap Chinese products on eBay but in the end just bought from a UK reseller of Chinese products. The feathers were smaller than advertised, weedy and all bend out of shape. I could only use a handful of the feathers so anything usable went into this plush – looks like I don’t have any left over for any other chocobos.

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything that I’ve made. I’ve been a little distracted with Pokemon Go, so have been doing a lot of walking in my spare time rather than sewing, and also had a problem with a load of faux fur that was delivered for a few projects. I wanted to make Legendary Bird keychains but the fur that was delivered was of terrible quality – the backing fabric was so stiff, the fur wasn’t soft at all and not very dense meaning you could see most of the backing fabric. It was especially disappointing as I bought this from a teddy bear making store that I’ve bought all my high-quality fur from before. This is the first time I’ve been disappointed in their products and am surprised they’d stock something so crap. I bought a fair bit so tried to make something but abandoned it half way through – wasting a fair amount of time. I will know better for the future to be more careful what I buy.

Back to the chocobo – here’s a few more photos 🙂

FFXV Black Chocobo plush

Final Fantasy XV Black Chocobo plush


Pikipek plush

Pikapek plush

Here’s a cheeky Pokemon plush before I start working on something a little more complicated. This cutie is Pikipek in flight. If you’re not aware of who Pikipek is, this flying Pokemon has been named as one of the new Pokemon in Sun and Moon. Expect it to have two more evolution in usual starting area Flying Pokemon style. It seems to be based on a woodpecker and certainly shares all the colours and shape of Greater/Lesser spotted woodpeckers (that’s all we have in the UK other than the green woodpecker, I’m sure there are plenty more variations in the US).

Pikipek is available for sale at

Pikapek pokemon plush Pikapek plush back Pikapek plush undersidepo

The Last Guardian – Trico plush

The Last Guardian plush toy

I got tired of waiting for The Last Guardian to be released, so I made a Trico of my own! This one of a kind The Last Guardian plush is made from high quality faux fur and 3mm pile plush fabric for the feet, ears and tummy. Polymer clay is used on the claws and horns, the latter of which glow in the dark. He also has plastic safety eyes and whiskers made out of thin coated steel wire. I’ll also be posting a tutorial on how to make your own whiskers for teddy bears too. He’s full of armature from head to tail meaning he can be posed in a number of ways. His tiny wings can be spread of folded to his body too.

Trico is the size of a large house cat and it about as heavy as one as well. All the faux fur, aluminium armature and stuffing end up being surprisingly heavy. He takes pride of place on my plushie shelf.

I’m hoping for some sunny weather to take a better set of photos. There are all in my unfinished loft conversion as it’s the only place that isn’t full of clutter. I also need to get some pictures taken when it gets dark to show off the glow-in-the-dark Primo clay.

I hope very much that you like Trico! Since I probably wont be getting The Last Guardian Collector’s Edition (with the super cute Trico statue of undetermined size) and will be settling with the normal copy, I’ll have to make do with my miniature guardian instead.

Trico plush from The Last Guardian Trico plush from The Last GuardianTrico plush from The Last Guardian