Final Fantasy XV Carbuncle Plush

Final Fantasy XV carbuncle plush

Something I’ve been wanting to make a for a long time – Carbuncle from the Final Fantasy XV Platinum demo. He’s made of two kinds of faux fur and is so super cuddly! I’m planning on making a really large one to keep but the fabric was so expensive that I’ll need to sell a few little ones to cover the costs (I say little – he’s 60cm long!).

He also has teddy bears eyes and nose made from plastic, claw fox-claws and a painted horn. He was a chance to work on a few techniques related to teddy-bear making. He’s not 100% perfect but is still cute. I used a number of Carbuncle images from the FFXV: Platinum Demo that I captured to try and get the features and proportions correct. Please feel free to use these images yourself for your own projects.

This little one is for sale on eBay but it’s SOLD! Sorry! I’m hoping to make a few more but I’ll need a few weeks!

I’ll hopefully be making more if this one goes down well. I’ll also be sure to share photos of the mega-carbuncle too (or “Starbuncle” as my in-game Carbuncle was named). For now, here are some more photos:

Final Fantasy XV carbuncle plush Final Fantasy XV carbuncle plush Final Fantasy XV carbuncle plush Final Fantasy XV carbuncle plush

How To: Make and sew teddy bear claws

I was surprised that plastic teddy bear claws are not readily available for purchase. I assumed that they would be as popular as the plastic and glass bear eyes and noses that you can get from any bear making site or sites like Amazon or eBay, but I couldn’t find a single listing for buying bear claws. I wanted real claws on my next Carbuncle/fennec fox plushie so had to do something!

I decided to make my own and will teach you how to make your own bear claws too. All you’ll need is:

  • Polymer clay (whatever colour you’d like – black or brown work well for bears and foxes. Beige or white for birds, sloths, dragons and other reptiles)
  • A sewing needle or pin
  • Tin foil and/or a baking tray
  • An oven to cook your claws

We’re using polymer clay as it’s easy to use, strong when cooked, maintains it’s shape (i.e. doesn’t shrink when drying like air-dry clays) and usually comes in the colour you want.

Fimo soft modelling clay

Black polymer clay, which will only go hard when baked

Take a small ball of clay and run between your fingers into a cone shape. Then refine into the claw shape you’re after whether it’s long and fine or a big thick hooked claw. The clay is pretty good in terms of keeping a smooth surface with no fingerprints. The claws I am making are for little fox paws so mine are fairly small. They would also be suitable for most teddy bears. Unless you’re making a realistic grizzly-type bear you wont want the claws to look too vicious.

Use your sewing needle or pin to make a hole at the non-pointy end from the left-to-right side. The hole end may distort a little but this bit will be hidden inside the bear.

Making bear claws from polymer clay

Bear claws being made and a sewing hole added

When making your claws, place them directly onto the aluminium foil or baking try you plan on using. This reduces any chance of damage if you transfer them later. If you can, make more claws than you need as you may end up with some duds. Bake according to package instructions. For the Fimo Soft I was using, this was for 30 mins at 110 degrees centigrade.

Store any remaining polymer clay for use later. This clay will last for years if stored properly and wont dry out via the air – only by exposure to light or heat. I store mine in old plastic shopping bags but Tupperware or craft boxes will do fine.

One your claws have cooked and had time to cool, they’re ready to sew onto your plush. Sew each claw individually, starting from the centre claw(s) and moving out. I also secured mine after sewing with a little fabric glue mostly because of paranoia.

Sewing bear claws onto bear paws

My sewing is a bit messy, but the thread and the wonky part of the claws is hidden under the foot pad

After sewing, and letting any glue used dry, you can sew your foot pad to the paw.

Nearly finished fox paw

Nearly finished fox paw – I just need to sew in the toe lines

You may also find that you want to extend this method to sculpt the whole foot – claws and foot pads – as a single entity. This lets you make little pink footpads and very secure claws out of clay and add a small trim of fur fabric around.

If you decide that you don’t want solid claws and want squishy fabric claws instead, please checkout my alternative tutorial: How To: Make perfect plushie feet which includes details of chunky fabric claws.

How To: Make perfect plushie feet

Plushie feet with claws

Want to know how to make cute plushie feet with footpads and claws? I went though several iterations of plushie feet before I came to a fool-proof template that’s simple but get’s great results. These feet are big and chunky and best suit a chibi or chunky-style plush – but it’s up to you to decide if these will suit your creation.

Legs and feet can be hard – when I was making my first dragon plush I went though several styles of legs and different ways of making claws – none of which looked quite right on my roly-poly dragon. I soon realised that simpler is better and I came up with the following template for a shunky plushie foot with a different coloured footpad and big claws. All of it should be completed in a soft fabric like minky/cuddle-soft or fleece. This includes the toes/claws. I tried some large 3D claws in felt and they just looked terrible. I’ve seen a couple of plushies with flat felt claws made from a single layer of felt that are sewn in on the seem – they do the job but I really don’t like the affect either (sorry). The method below is definately my favourite.

Please use the following template, scaled to the size of your project, for cure plushie feet. They suit both a sitting down plushie as giant feet and different style arms – or a four legged plush with all four on the ground. There are also some instructions below.


Generic plushie feet template

Generic template for plushie feet


  1. First sew the two outside parts together. The left, smaller side is where the footpad sits. The larger, right had side is where the foot attaches to the body.
  2. Next, pin the footpad to the main foot part you’ve just sewn. It’s really important than you pin it on all four sides as tightly as possible, the pad won’t sit well otherwise. Then, keeping the pad pinned, sew it to the main bit of the foot. This bit can be tricky.
  3. Stuff the foot with filler of your choice.
  4. I then prefer to sew the foot to the plush before sewing on the claws, but it’s up to you (and it also depends on how awkward it will be). Whether you attach the foot now or after sewing the claws on, make sure you stuff the foot first. you can get a better idea of how the claws will sit if the foot is filled.
  5. For the claws, sew the two sides of the claw together, stuff with a small amount of teddy bear stuffing, and sew up the bottom. Then, attach each to the foot. Start with the centre claw (or claws if there are an even number) and work outwards.

Final Fantasy XV Avatars

In one of the campaigns to generate interest in Final Fantasy XV, SquareEnix have been running a Chocobo Keeper campaign that will unlock avatars, wallpaper and other goodies as more and more users sign up to follow their twitter account @FFXV. The more people who follow, the more unlocks there will be. This campaign has already run in Japan, unlocking great FFXV wallpaper, avatars and even some real goodies in the form of T-shirts.

Screenshot of the FFXV chocobo keeper site

FFXV Official Chocobo Keeper website

While I hope we get some of the physical stuff in the Western world, the wallpaper and avatars are fun enough as it is. However, the avatars are limited in terms of their content and style (mainly goblin or chocobo releated, unsurprisingly), so I’ve made up a batch of FFXV avatars for you to use based on the promotional material, demos and videos that have been released so far.

Carbuncle Avatars

FFXV Carbuncle avatar FFXV Carbuncle avatar FFXV Carbuncle statue avatar
FFXV Carbuncle avatar

Chocobo avatars

Chocobo keeper avatar Chocobo Avatar Chocobo Avatar FFXV Chocobo Animated Avatar

Valefor (FFX) plush

Valefor plush - Final Fantasy X

Some photos of my handmade Valefor plush. This character is from Final Fantasy X, and is one the first summon that Yuna obtains in Besaid village. Valefor isn’t a main character but can be summoned in battle to aid the team, so she is still a significant part of the game.

Valefor is made primarily from minky/plush material (camel and violet colours of Shannon brand plush fabric). The red shaggy sections are a feather-effect faux fur which I was really impressed with. It made minimal mess when cut, compared to other faux fur I’ve used in the past. She is stuffed with polyester filling and a strong wire down the head and spine in order to keep the plush propped up. The body is so thin compared to the wings that it needed the extra support to stay upright.

The mask is made with air dry clay and painted in acrylics. You can see it being made alongside my carbuncle figurine from FFXV. The mask had some holes made using a sewing needle while still wet that helped it be sewn onto the fur body Then is was secured further the fabric glue. I was surprised that the fabric glue secured the clay and fabric together to firmly, but it was certainly a good surprise.

Here are some more photos.