Cactuar coat hook

cactuar coat hook

This little plushie cactuar has a heavy duty cook running through his body, so it can be screwed to the wall and take a fair weight. I imagined it for coats in the hallway but at the same time I wouldn’t want him getting too worn and dirty from constant use, so might put it up in the bedroom for nice safe dressing gowns.

This is actually something I tried to make several years before I first tried out making plush toys. The image below shows my first attempt (2014) compared to now (2020). I was very pleased at the time with my original attempt but it really did lack any detail. I’d love to put all the improvement down to a few years of practise, but the new embroidery machine really did help a lot with the finish too.

cactuar coat hook 2014 vs 2020

If you’d like to know the template I can post it up, but it really does depend on the hooks you can get your hands on. It’s been so long since I bought these I can’t find the product page for them any more!