Amaro plush – Final Fantasy XIV

Amaro plush FFXIV

This Amaro sat unfinished for a while but I’m very glad to have finally got it complete. The original idea was for a mink plush – maybe proportionally something like the official Monster Hunter Rathalos plush – but once I started out everything took a completely different turn and I’ve ended up with this fluffy little guy.

This plush uses up the last of my grey faux fur that made up Trico’s body from a good while back. I’ve got a very big wooden chest far too full of fur and fabric so actually finishing off a piece is a big achievement. There’s also some trims in longer white tipped grey fur and then minky for the horns and feet so you can see the detail.

Wire runs through the legs so it can stand up on such tiny feet. There’s wire in the wings too so they can be lifted up.

Amaro is up for sale at It’s OOAK, I’m afraid I wont be making any more faux fur amaros in the future, but may make some minky ones closer to the original idea at some point next year.