Plush toy sewing patterns

The Great Serpent of Ronka plush template

August 4, 2019
Great Serpent of Ronka FFXIV plush

Want to make your own version of The Great Serpent of Ronka!? Download + print the template files and follow the instructions below. It’s a very simple plush to make but please comment if something in unclear and I’ll do my best to improve the instructions. I’ve aimed it towards super beginners so if you’ve made a soft toy before you can probably disregard most of it! Template Page 1 – Side Template Page 2 – Front + tail Materials Minky or fleece: Orange (I used Shannon Plush – Mango) Brown/Tan (I used Shannon Plush – Taupe [NOT Camel as was previously posted]. Cappuccino is very similar) A small amount of pink (I used Shannon Plush – Coral) Self adhesive […]

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Final Fantasy XV moogle plush template and tutorial

December 7, 2016
Plush moogle doll

You will need: Minky/plush or fleece fabric in the following colours: White (lots) Pink Red Pale blue Purple Orange Thick black embroidery thread Polyester stuffing (optional) Plastic pellets/Poly pellets to add to stuffing Sewing template pieces: Download the sewing template/pattern Plushie tutorial: Body: Attach the blue circle to the front of the body Use the thick embroidery thread to add the “stitching” details. These aren’t actually holding anything together, they’re for aesthetics only. Sew the body together and leave the neck open. If using poly pellets, start with a few handfuls of the pellets. This makes the plush bottom-heavy which helps it sit up and gives it a pleasant weight. Then fill the rest with polyester stuffing. Head: Assemble the four head […]

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Litten plushie sewing template

June 9, 2016
Litten plush - pokemon sun and moon

I’ve already shared my Rowlet plushie sewing template, and today I’ve finally got around to digitising the sewing template for my Litten plush too. I love the Pokemon Sun and Moon starters and I can’t wait until the game is released. While I wait for Pokemon Sun and Moon to become available, I guess I’ll be making any Gen 7 Pokemon plushes that I can (keep an eye out for a Lunaala plush soon). So, here is my Litten plush template. It’s much more fiddly and time consuming than Rowlet but produces a nice looking beanie-style Litten. I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners. This template has very little embroidery – only a small amount for the nose and mouth that could […]

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Rowlet plush for sale and sewing template

May 30, 2016

Notice: I wont be selling any more standard Rowlet plushes now that the official one has been released. Check them out! Oh no, these are all sold out! You can find still find them on Amazon (pricey) and eBay (not so pricey). Here’s the sewing template I used to make my Rowlet plush, which I’m sharing for free! Why free? Rowlet isn’t my IP so I have no right to charge for a template. I am also too lazy to make detailed assembly instructions, which really should be included if someone is going to pay for a template. I followed this to make a couple of Rowlets with great success. (If you don’t feel confident sewing this yourself, there may still be […]

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Oka plushie sewing template

March 27, 2016
Oka's coat

I couldn’t leave dear Riki without his wifeypon, Oka. The following template is based on the official Xenoblade Chronicles Riki plush template with a different outfit. Number of copies of each component is included on the template. Use the concept image on the template or any of my Oka plush images for reference. Suggested fabrics are fleece/minky for the body and felt for the costume. I also used a darker pink minky for the bow but you could use any fabric you want. You’ll also need a face/cheeks (which I’ve again done in felt but would be lovely if embroidered) and feathers for the hair. Download high-res template (160 kB)

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Translated pattern for Riki plushie (Xenoblade Chronicles)

February 24, 2016
Riki mini plush

Download high-res template (473 kB) I’m 60 hours into Xenoblade Chronicles and just love Riki. He’ll be the subject of my next plushie creation, as soon as I get the time to do so. I searched around the web for a little inspiration but found very little in the way of official or custom plushies. However I did find an official plushie template that was released in the official art book: Xenoblade: The Secret Files – Monado Archives. Unfortunately this was all in Japanese with no instructions. Luckily I tracked down the instructions elsewhere (other pages in the book) and I’ve translated the template page into useful instructions. I couldn’t find another copy of the translated template on the web […]

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