Translated pattern for Riki plushie (Xenoblade Chronicles)

Download high-res template (473 kB)

I’m 60 hours into Xenoblade Chronicles and just love Riki. He’ll be the subject of my next plushie creation, as soon as I get the time to do so. I searched around the web for a little inspiration but found very little in the way of official or custom plushies.

However I did find an official plushie template that was released in the official art book: Xenoblade: The Secret Files – Monado Archives. Unfortunately this was all in Japanese with no instructions. Luckily I tracked down the instructions elsewhere (other pages in the book) and I’ve translated the template page into useful instructions.

I couldn’t find another copy of the translated template on the web (except for one in French) so the English translation is below (actual translation in blue. My additional notes in orange) along with the additional image instructions.


Page 1 of plush instructions

Page 2 of plush instructions

(untranslated images originally fromĀ