Christmas tonberry (Final Fantasy)

I recently saw a very rare item on eBay; a “Tonberry and Sabotender Christmas Set”. It seems to be a limited edition set (only 3000 made) of official Final Fantasy plushies from Square in a sack all dressed up for Christmas. I immediately wanted it, but at the seller’s price tag of $500 at the time (plus postage to the UK) there wasn’t much hope of me buying it. Plus, as cute as they are, the plushie ‘costumes’ don’t look to be the best quality.
The set eventually sold for $290, still too much for me, and by then I’d already decided to dress up my own Tonberry for Christmas. My Cactuar already has a Santa hat (check that out here) so with plenty of leftover fabric a santa costume didn’t seem too hard at all.
First I needed a tonberry (I bought a new one from the SquareEnix Store).
Then I took off his coat and used it as a pattern for a similar sized one in red fleece fabric. Then started on the fur trim.
Blech! Doesn’t look good at all does it? Some sort of lion mane going on there.
I fixed the hood with a nice collar so it sat better around the neck and added a trim to the base of the coat. Then added a little button so it didn’t look like a dress (it looked just like a dress).


Christmas tonberry - Final Fantasy
Ah, looking much better.