Mini Santa hats (for your plushies and other decorations)

I have a lot of plushies on display in my home, mainly Final Fantasy official mechanise but also a handful of others from Okamiden, Angry birds, etc. This Christmas I decided that they needed to be dressed up as part of the seasonal festivities. I tried finding some small Santa hats from the usual suspects (eBay, Amazon, etc) but they were either of terrible quality or horrendously expensive, so I made my own.
Fabric used was red non-pill fleece and some white faux fur fabric (always go high-quality with the faux- fur, the cheap stuff is dreadful), both from eBay.
The Santa hats are just a cone of fabric with a fur trim at the base and a pompom at the top stuffed with scrap fabric. They turned out pretty well. They come out every year to adorn my plushies.
Mini santa hats
Cactuar with a santa hat