Riki plushie (Xenoblade Chronicles) [IN PROGRESS]

A few progress photos of my Riki plush, based on the official template that came in the Xenoblade art book (you can see the translated template here).

I made a few alterations to the template as I scaled it up to about twice the size it was originally support to be. He’s about the size of a football. The arms and legs didn’t work so had to be rescaled and the legs re-designed. Some aspects about the back of the coat were changed too but mostly the template worked perfectly.

Riki plushie - just the body
Just the body and arms
Other plushies don’t like Riki. He’s not green.
Riki plush - naked!
Legs and wings attached. Wings coloured in marker pen.

Riki plushie - nearly finished

Riki plushie - nearly finished and at the office
A nearly completed Riki comes to the office
Riki’s nearly done. Just his hair to do (which I’m really struggling with) and his biter.