Final Fantasy XV moogle plush template and tutorial

You will need:

  • Minky/plush or fleece fabric in the following colours:
    • White (lots)
    • Pink
    • Red
    • Pale blue
    • Purple
    • Orange
  • Thick black embroidery thread
  • Polyester stuffing
  • (optional) Plastic pellets/Poly pellets to add to stuffing

Sewing template pieces:

Download the sewing template/pattern

Plushie tutorial:

  1. Body: Attach the blue circle to the front of the body
  2. Use the thick embroidery thread to add the “stitching” details. These aren’t actually holding anything together, they’re for aesthetics only.
  3. Sew the body together and leave the neck open. If using poly pellets, start with a few handfuls of the pellets. This makes the plush bottom-heavy which helps it sit up and gives it a pleasant weight. Then fill the rest with polyester stuffing.
  4. Head: Assemble the four head pieces together, leaving the opening at the base of the head as this will be hidden by the body. Use the embroidery thread to add two eyes (I’ve marked the location of the eyes on the template). If you’ve embroidered before, use your favourite stitch for the scale of the plush. If you haven’t embroidered before, try a split stitch. It’s the only one I can do!
  5. Stuff the head with polyester stuffing only
  6. Nose: Sew the nose pieces together and stuff. Then sew on the marked position on the head. It’s tricky to get the bulbous shape of the nose but it should come together as you sew onto the face.
  7. Ears: Assemble the two ears. Pinch the two corners together with the orange part on the inside. Add a stitch to secure, and then attach to the head.
  8. Sew the head onto the body.
  9. Arms and legs: Assemble the arms and legs. When stuffing, add a small amount of poly pellets to the ends of the limbs first so the hands and feet dangle down and flop around better. Sew the arms on the right and left side of the body, an inch or so under the head. Sew the legs directly into the seam between the orange base and the front of the body.
  10. Wings: Finally, stitch the wing pieces together, leaving where they attach to the body open. To copy the plush from the game exactly, an additional line of stitching should be added when turned out. (see images. Only the top half of the wing should then be stuffed. However this  is optional, you can just stuff the whole wing if you’d prefer.
  11. Attach to the body and you’re finished!

Let me know if there’s anything here that isn’t explained very well and I’ll do my best to help. For me, the hardest part was stuffing the nose and making sure when it was sewed on that it had the right shape. Please post any pictures of completed moogle plushes to @owlsteaparty on Twitter, I’d love to see them!