Work in progress

The following will be ready before Christmas

  • Polishing up Riki and getting him on sale
  • FFXV moogle beanie plush

It’s unlikely I’ll get anything else done by Christmas. Sorry for everyone asking for Tricos and Carbuncles. I’m so busy 🙁

Up next

The following are for next year.

  • Okami artdolls – I have all the fabric to complete an Amaterasu plush. I’d like to make a ninetails to the same scale so they can battle.
  • World of Final Fantasy plushes – Tama or Tamamohime. Maybe red/holy dragon, babyhemoth, chocochick.
  • Weepinbell – Got a set of googly eyes left from Clarence the weepinduo. Let’s make a tiny weepinbell.
  • Cockatrice from FFXV – This bird creatures in a lot of the Final Fantasy XV preview videos. I have enough reference material to make one. There’s a Griffin too which is pretty sweet.
  • Articuno plush. Detailed Articuno art doll. Will be mostly minky with a little faux fur.