Work in progress

Work in progress – Feb 2017

Faux fur chocobos – I want to make a yellow chocobo similar to the black FFXV chocobo to keep. I’ll also maybe make some FFXV style chicobos (baby chocobos) too.

I’ve started a Zemzelett from FFIX. I’ve got more important stuff to do but I’ve wanted to make one for ages.

I don’t take commissions online but I’ve had a few old and new friends asking for some pieces to be made, so I’ll be getting in contact and trying to get all of these done over the next few months. I also have at least one more Trico plush (The Last Guardian) to make for a very important project, which I will share on the mailing list if/when anything happens about it.

If there’s nothing important going on, then I want to make a jumbo chocobo plush from the Final Fantasy XV carnival. This will probably mean a small plush is made to test the template and then if all goes well then making a massive one. The small plush will probably be sold to fund the much larger one.