Work in progress

Work in progress – October 2019

I post work in progress on Twitter or Instagram. I’m also increasingly using Tumblr too but it can be a very odd place.

What’s in progress at the moment:

  • I’m trying to shift around the site a bit – the blog format makes it very hard to navigate around so I need to move away from standard WordPress stuff. Rewrite some of the old tutorials, better images, gallery, etc.
  • Amaro plush – I’ve used the left over Trico fabric to make him all fluffy. I’ll post some pics soon!

What’s coming up:

  • Getting more free sewing templates online (e.g. Pidgey)
  • I’m getting an embroidery machine! So messing around with that.
  • Crystal Exarch plush. I’ve found a cool way to do gold trims (basically glue and gold powder) but will have to see how neat the result is.
  • I have all the fabric for a Shinryu plush but not a huge amount of motivation to make one
  • Small versions of Weepinduo/Clarence. Wont be making any Happy Bunny/Giza Rabbit plushies after all as there is an official version coming out in Japan