Work in progress

Work in progress – August 2017

I’ve been very busy with either my house falling down or playing Final Fantasy XIV. Both are time consuming and can be stressful in different ways (leaking roofs and Omega Savage) so I haven’t had much time for sewing.

My FFXII moogle is on it’s way towards completion. I have all the faux fur now and will be trying out teddy bear joints for the first time to make it a little bit more whimsical. I wont be making anything else until he’s finished.

The following is planned for the future:

  • Shadow of the Colossus “Avion” plush
  • Okami “Ninetails” plush
  • FFXIV minions that don’t have official plushes: Wind-up sylph, Fenrir pup, Fox kit

I’ll also be looking to sell my RiME plush and need to start thinking about making chocobos ready to sell at Christmas