Final Fantasy

Mini moogle, ruby dragon and owl plushes

I’ve made a few small items that don’t deserve a post of their own. First an adorable owl who is made to hang on a door or hook, made in a similar way to my Zapdos.   Next, a tiny moogle that will fit snuggly in your hand. The style is based off the moogles in World of Final Fantasy. Not since Good King Moogle Mog have you been able to inflict so much damage to moogles as you can in World of final Fantasy!   Finally, a small dragon plush based on the Ruby Dragon enemy from Final Fantasy VIII. The body was a practise as I haven’t made one of this style before. When making the head, I […]

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New Valefor plush

Valefor Plush - Final Fantasy X

I kept my original Valefor plush since I made it but it really is too big for my growing collection of handmade and official plushes, so with the spare fabric and a practise clay mask I made a smaller version of the original Valefor plush to keep, so I can sell the larger one. (The larger plush has already sold! Sorry!) As it’s smaller, I can use aluminium armature on the inside to let it stand on its own. Otherwise, it’s exactly the same fabrics, faux fur and yarn as the original.   Here’s a quick photo showing the size difference between the two plushes. I still love the larger one, and it has a much better mask, but it’s just […]

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Final Fantasy XV Black Chocobo plush

FFXV Black Chocobo Plush

A fluffy chocobo plush based off the black chocobo design in FFXV. This is the same fabric as my yellow chocobos but in black. The main difference here is the body shape, which is a little different, and that I used rooster feathers for the crest and tail rather than more faux fur. I was a little disappointed in the feathers that I ordered – I purposely avoided cheap Chinese products on eBay but in the end just bought from a UK reseller of Chinese products. The feathers were smaller than advertised, weedy and all bend out of shape. I could only use a handful of the feathers so anything usable went into this plush – looks like I don’t […]

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Final Fantasy XIII Carbuncle plush

FFXIII - Carbuncle plush

Today I finally finished this beautiful Carbuncle plush based on the carnival host in Final Fantasy XIII. I’ve spent a long time on this plush and I’m so glad it’s finally done! It’s made from faux fur left over from my Carbuncles from Final Fantasy XV, various shades of minky, gold leatherette, a piece of jasper as it’s gem and acrylic paints for the fox face paint. Carbuncle is available to buy at

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Chicobo plush – Final Fantasy

Chicibo/baby chocobo plush

A little chicibo to match big mama chocobo. It matches the larger chocobo in terms of scale and proportions (based mostly on the differences in parrots between adults and chicks. Chicks eyes feet (somewhat) are the same size as they will be when adults. The chicobo is made of the same faux fur and minky as the adult chocobo. It has armature in the feet to allow it to stand and in the wings so they can be raised or flattened to the body. I’ve used thinner armature than in the big chocobo which was a lot easier to work with. The feet are by far the hardest part to complete and took as long as the whole body and […]

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Chocobo plush – custom giant chocobo from Final Fantasy

Custom chocobo plush close up

Today I finished my free-standing chocobo plush made from faux fur, minky fabric and loads of wire armature to keep it standing. It’s horrendously cuddly and difficult to keep it in one place because it keeps getting picked up for a cuddle. Standing is difficult because it’s a large amount of chocobo on some very small legs but manages it steadily in the right position. He’s already been named “Boko”. This plush has been keeping me busy for weeks due to both the complexity and how much slower it is to work with faux fur than it is minky. The legs were the hardest part to achieve – it’s really difficult to keep the stuffing around the wire in the legs. Hopefully […]

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Two more FFXV Carbuncle plushes

Another FFXV carbuncle plush

Notice (27th June 2017). The Carbuncle pictured has been sold, but there is another up for sale at I’ve completed two more Carbuncle plushes (finally!). These are for sale at my Etsy store if you’re interested at all. Since the original Carbuncle plush was so well received I’ve made two more. In my personal opinion one is better than the other in terms of how easily it can stand and so is reflected in the price. Plenty of pictures below! Carbuncle 1 Carbuncle 2

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Final Fantasy XV Carbuncle Plush

Final Fantasy XV carbuncle plush

Notice (27th June 2017). The Carbuncle pictured has been sold, but there is another up for sale at Something I’ve been wanting to make a for a long time – Carbuncle from the Final Fantasy XV Platinum demo. He’s made of two kinds of faux fur and is so super cuddly! I’m planning on making a really large one to keep but the fabric was so expensive that I’ll need to sell a few little ones to cover the costs (I say little – he’s 60cm long!). He also has teddy bears eyes and nose made from plastic, claw fox-claws and a painted horn. He was a chance to work on a few techniques related to teddy-bear making. He’s not […]

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Carbuncle (FFXV) and Valefor (FFX) figures

Finished Carbuncle figurine (FFXV)

After playing the Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo, I had to make the Carbuncle statue by Noctis’ bedside. Carbuncle watches over you in your dreams, so I certainly should have one for myself. I already had some Air Dry Clay ready to use on a Valefor mask so it made sense to make both together. I haven’t used any clay since school (a worryingly long time ago) so I didn’t have great expectations. If anything it was going to be a learning experience. Results weren’t great. I was terribly bad at working with the clay. Even with a few practices the surface wasn’t anywhere near smooth. Even after a buttload of sanding and primer it wasn’t perfect but it’s as good as […]

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