Mini moogle, ruby dragon and owl plushes

I’ve made a few small items that don’t deserve a post of their own. First an adorable owl who is made to hang on a door or hook, made in a similar way to my Zapdos.

Owl plush door hanger


Next, a tiny moogle that will fit snuggly in your hand. The style is based off the moogles in World of Final Fantasy. Not since Good King Moogle Mog have you been able to inflict so much damage to moogles as you can in World of final Fantasy!

Mini moogle plush


Finally, a small dragon plush based on the Ruby Dragon enemy from Final Fantasy VIII. The body was a practise as I haven’t made one of this style before. When making the head, I realised just what a tiny head Ruby Dragons have! I had to get some special amigurumi eyes in as none of the plastic push-fit ones did the job. The Ruby Dragon plush is for sale on Etsy:

Ruby dragon plush