Valefor (FFX) plush

Some photos of my handmade Valefor plush. This character is from Final Fantasy X, and is one the first summon that Yuna obtains in Besaid village. Valefor isn’t a main character but can be summoned in battle to aid the team, so she is still a significant part of the game.

Valefor is made primarily from minky/plush material (camel and violet colours of Shannon brand plush fabric). The red shaggy sections are a feather-effect faux fur which I was really impressed with. It made minimal mess when cut, compared to other faux fur I’ve used in the past. She is stuffed with polyester filling and a strong wire down the head and spine in order to keep the plush propped up. The body is so thin compared to the wings that it needed the extra support to stay upright.

The mask is made with air dry clay and painted in acrylics. You can see it being made alongside my carbuncle figurine from FFXV. The mask had some holes made using a sewing needle while still wet that helped it be sewn onto the fur body Then is was secured further the fabric glue. I was surprised that the fabric glue secured the clay and fabric together to firmly, but it was certainly a good surprise.

Here are some more photos.