Carbuncle (FFXV) and Valefor (FFX) figures

Finished Carbuncle figurine (FFXV)

After playing the Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo, I had to make the Carbuncle statue by Noctis’ bedside. Carbuncle watches over you in your dreams, so I certainly should have one for myself.

Carbuncle figurine from FFXV: Platinum Demo

Carbuncle figurine from FFXV: Platinum Demo

I already had some Air Dry Clay ready to use on a Valefor mask so it made sense to make both together. I haven’t used any clay since school (a worryingly long time ago) so I didn’t have great expectations. If anything it was going to be a learning experience.

Armature for Carbuncle

Armature for Carbuncle

carbuncle and valefor in progress

Carbuncle and Valefor in progress (plus a load of crap on my desk)

Results weren’t great. I was terribly bad at working with the clay. Even with a few practices the surface wasn’t anywhere near smooth. Even after a buttload of sanding and primer it wasn’t perfect but it’s as good as it’s getting.

The mask was finished in white acrylic paint and marker pens (since the detail was so fine). The carbuncle statue was finished in just acrylic paint.

Here are the finished pieces:

Finished Carbuncle figurine (FFXV)


Valefor mask (ffx)

The Valefor mask will end up on a plush. Carbuncle will probably end up on my bedside table :3


  • Tramajion says:

    Hey guys umm can I have a miniature carbuncle statue that noctis had on his bed side please I would be honored if you do that please a miniature statue of carbuncle that I can walk around with please

    • Lesley says:

      Hi there, I’ve been trying to work with clay but my results haven’t been very successful so far. I’ve got some new air-dry clay delivered today so I’ll let you know if I make any that I’d be happy to sell.

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