Zemzelett plush (FF9)

March 6, 2017

[Edit 11th Dec 2017 – Zemzelett is up for sale at] Finished another personal project to make a Zemzelett from Final Fantasy 9. If you don’t remember what one is, don’t feel bad. It’s a minor enemy that appears in the owl forest surrounding the Black Mage Village. Zemzelett is a telekinetic owl that just looked so grumpy and cute that I wanted one for myself. Getting some clear reference photos was difficult, so the Rɘverse FF9 model viewer was so helpful to me. It meant that I could load up the 3D model of any FF9 monster and get a good look at some of the detail that would have been completely missed if I was relying on blurry […]

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Malboro plush – Kingsglaive Malboro Mascot

January 28, 2017

Not much to say about this one. A cutsie malboro that appears in advertising in Final Fantasy: Kingsglaive for the brand MBS. I originally planned on making several but after all those tentacles I’m all malboro-ed out. If I get more green fabric in for anything I’ll make some more. The whole thing is minky with some self adhesive felt for the teeth and some special cartoon plastic eyes I found on US Etsy that I paid a bundle for. Cute little guy was totally worth it!

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Baby paleberry plush – World of Final Fantasy

January 23, 2017
Baby Paleberry plush

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve had the chance to post. I haven’t had time to do much sewing or blogging lately because of the rush over Christmas and then all of the aftermath. I’ve had loads of people get in touch over Christmas either for commissions or for Trico plushes/plush pattern. I’ll reiterate here that I don’t take commissions of existing or new plushes – I don’t have the time to fulfil any- and that I wont be selling or giving away my Trico plush pattern. While I try to email everyone back who gets in touch, I’ve been really busy lately and if the subject of the message was either of these topics then this is why I […]

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Final Fantasy XV moogle plush template and tutorial

December 7, 2016
Plush moogle doll

You will need: Minky/plush or fleece fabric in the following colours: White (lots) Pink Red Pale blue Purple Orange Thick black embroidery thread Polyester stuffing (optional) Plastic pellets/Poly pellets to add to stuffing Sewing template pieces: Download the sewing template/pattern Plushie tutorial: Body: Attach the blue circle to the front of the body Use the thick embroidery thread to add the “stitching” details. These aren’t actually holding anything together, they’re for aesthetics only. Sew the body together and leave the neck open. If using poly pellets, start with a few handfuls of the pellets. This makes the plush bottom-heavy which helps it sit up and gives it a pleasant weight. Then fill the rest with polyester stuffing. Head: Assemble the four head […]

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“Riki fight better than anyone!”

December 3, 2016

Riki plush is ready to sell. Available at I wasn’t able to add a voice box like I wanted, because of a cock-up when ordering. I’ve got voice boxes that will play one long tune but not one that will play many sound files. The voice box was also too big to fit in the wing like I wanted, so has been left out. However, I was able to tidy up Riki’s sewing, stuffing, and add new arms, legs and wings. It might not bee too obvious form the pictures below but the attachment of the new limbs is much better, the arms are now a better proportion and the wings are a better shape with nicer dying too them […]

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Moogle mayhem

November 13, 2016

I’ve been making loads of moogles lately, kupo. Even though most of my time has been spent playing World of Final Fantasy, kupo. Only one of these is for sale currently, but more will be available soon. First is a big moogle plush. This is made of luxury faux fur and a little bit of minky for details like wings and footpads. It’s insanely soft and really cuddly. It was intented for sale, but my partner wont let me get rid of him! So I’ll have to make another to keep first and then sell this guy. [Edit 11th Dec 2017 – This plush moogle is up for sale at] Next is a small plush based on the moogle […]

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Shiny Rowlet plush

October 23, 2016

Thanks to the wonderful people who scraped the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo, we now have the sprites for all shiny versions of the starter Pokemon. Rowlet’s shiny colours are beautiful teals in place or the brown and green. It’s orange feet and beak are now a reddish colour. This was a great opportunity to take another look at my Rowlet plushie template and make a lovely shiny Rowlet. This little guy isn’t for sale, but I may make some more in the future. EDIT: the featured image now has wings! He looked like he needed them.

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Mini moogle, ruby dragon and owl plushes

October 21, 2016

I’ve made a few small items that don’t deserve a post of their own. First an adorable owl who is made to hang on a door or hook, made in a similar way to my Zapdos.   Next, a tiny moogle that will fit snuggly in your hand. The style is based off the moogles in World of Final Fantasy. Not since Good King Moogle Mog have you been able to inflict so much damage to moogles as you can in World of final Fantasy!   Finally, a small dragon plush based on the Ruby Dragon enemy from Final Fantasy VIII. The body was a practise as I haven’t made one of this style before. When making the head, I […]

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Lycanroc pokemon plush – Sun version

September 25, 2016
Lycanroc plush

Rockruff’s evolutions have finally been revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon. This leaves me in a dilemma, as I was going to get the Moon version, as I prefer Lunaala, but now definitely want the Sun version for this Lycanroc. May have to wait until Rowlet’s evolutions have been revealed to make a final decision (not that I have a 3DS yet) This is my interpretation of Lycanroc, with faux fur additions and proper teddy bear glass eyes instead of the weird semi-circle eyes that he’s been given which I think gives a much nicer finish to this wolf Pokemon. I love this little pupper but have put Lycanroc up for sale as he was mainly some wolf practise for an […]

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