Wind up Ixion plush

This is my dumpy little version of the Final Fantasy XIV Wind-up Ixion minion. I’ve nicknamed him the potato/popoto pony.

Ixion is made from minky fabric and faux fur for the most part. The horn was air-dry clay with a wire down the centre that extends right into the body so it’s nice and secure. It does make him very top heavy though, so the body has been weighed down with plastic pallets in the legs and then stuffed as usual with polyester stuffing. The eyes are some spare plastic safety eyes that I hadn’t used that were painted with acrylic and then sealed with polyurethane varnish. The acrylic paint will easily scratch off the surface of the plastic eyes unless it’s been sealed.The horn is also painted with acrylics and sealed with varnish. This makes it super shiny – those are reflections in the photos not white marks on the horn.

In the end he measures 40cm from horn to tail. After making a full sized Fenrir Pup plush I wanted something a bit more manageable in size for cuddles and display.