Fenrir Pup plushie – Final Fantasy XIV

My first Final Fantasy XIV minion plush! Fenrir pup is so soft since it’s made almost entirely out of faux fur. The fur was new at the supplier I tend to get my teddy bear furs and fabrics from and was just perfect for this little guy. Unfortunately the faux fur is now no longer sold so it’s unlikely I’ll be able to make another 🙁

Fenrir pup has a short pile blue and purple faux furs for the body and a 60mm long pile white faux fur for the mane, tail and trim. The chest is the same faux fur as the longer stuff. It was such good quality I could cut it short and it was sill really soft to touch.

The paws have little minky paw pads. It’s the first time I’ve tried and they turned out so well I’ll definitely do it again.

Fenrir unfortunately wont be up for sale. He was made for my partner and will be joining our collection of Final Fantasy stuff. I’ve put a few Final Fantasy plushies that I’ve made previously up for sale on my Etsy though so if you’re still looking for a good Christmas present please check them out!