Cactuar coat hook

Cactuar coat hook

This little plushie cactuar has a heavy duty cook running through his body, so it can be screwed to the wall and take a fair weight. I imagined it for coats in the hallway but at the same time I wouldn’t want him getting too worn and dirty from constant use, so might put it up in the bedroom for nice safe dressing gowns.

This is actually something I tried to make several years before I first tried out making plush toys. The image below shows my first attempt (2014) compared to now (2020). I was very pleased at the time with my original attempt but it really did lack any detail. I’d love to put all the improvement down to a few years of practise, but the new embroidery machine really did help a lot with the finish too.

cactuar coat hook 2014 vs 2020

If you’d like to know the template I can post it up, but it really does depend on the hooks you can get your hands on. It’s been so long since I bought these I can’t find the product page for them any more!


  • Marian says:

    They both look amazing, but the embroidery on the last one really does make the difference! If you don’t mind me asking, what embroidery machine have you got? I was thinking of buying one myself, but kind of overwhelmed by the options…

    • Lesley says:

      Thank you so much!

      I got a Brother Innovis V3 in the end. It was pricier than I was originally set out to pay but I figured I’m not going to ever upgrade so I may as well get something that does everything I want. This had the bigger sewing area than the Brother Innovis 800E, which also seemed really great.

      I don’t know any much more than that, other than to not go for the Singer combi machines. My regular sewing machine is Singer and it’s great, but based on all the reviews their embroidery machines aren’t great.

      Good luck with your choice!

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