Amaro plush – Final Fantasy XIV

Amaro plush FFXIV

This Amaro sat unfinished for a while but I’m very glad to have finally got it complete. The original idea was for a mink plush – maybe proportionally something like the official Monster Hunter Rathalos plush – but once I started out everything took a completely different turn and I’ve ended up with this fluffy little guy. This plush uses up the last of my grey faux fur that made up Trico’s body from a good while back. I’ve got a very big wooden chest far too full of fur and fabric so actually finishing off a piece is a big achievement. There’s also some trims in longer white tipped grey fur and then minky for the horns and feet so you can see the detail. Wire runs through the legs so it can stand up on such tiny feet. There’s wire in the wings too so they can be lifted up. Amaro is up for sale at https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/752238831/amaro-plush-final-fantasy-xiv-ooak-faux. It’s OOAK, I’m afraid I wont be making any more faux fur amaros in the future, but may make some minky ones closer to the original idea at some point next year.

A small herd of Concrete Genie plushies!

Concrete genie plush

If you own a PS4 and haven’t taken a look at the award-winning Concrete Genie, I strongly recommend you do. The game is a joy to play and the art style is beautiful. I was asked to make plushies based closely on designs provided by the game art team for either a small production run or just to have around the office. There were a lot of first for me here. I got a sewing machine just for this project and will never look back – everything before now was done completely by hand and took forever. I made my first human plush when doing Ash and now I feel more confident in trying a human creation of my own. At one point I was making ten of a plush in a short timeframe. I’m sure for a lot of plushie makers this is nothing – but I’ve never made more than two of anything at once so this was a big deal for me. I also used a lot of materials I wasn’t used to. I’ve used pretty much exclusively minky and fur in the past. I got to work with cotton, linen, knitted cloth, making items out of A small herd of Concrete Genie plushies!

The Great Serpent of Ronka plush template

Great serpent of ronka plush toy

Want to make your own version of The Great Serpent of Ronka!? Download + print the template files and follow the instructions below. It’s a very simple plush to make but please comment if something in unclear and I’ll do my best to improve the instructions. I’ve aimed it towards super beginners so if you’ve made a soft toy before you can probably disregard most of it! Template Page 1 – Side Template Page 2 – Front + tail Materials Minky or fleece: Orange (I used Shannon Plush – Mango) Brown/Tan (I used Shannon Plush – Taupe. Cappuccino is very similar) A small amount of pink (I used Shannon Plush – Coral) Self adhesive white felt for teeth (or normal fleece/felt, fabric glue, and a steady hand) 1 pair of black plastic safety eyes – 10mm Polyfibre stuffing. Old pillowcase stuffing will do if you don’t have this already. Sewing needle, beige thread, ideally pins to keep everything in place while you sew (optional) Have an embroidery machine? DragonsGarden has kindly shared the embroidery files for their alteration of this pattern. Download the embroidery files and additional instructions here. Ignore the plastic eyes, pink minky and white felt if you The Great Serpent of Ronka plush template

The Great Serpent of Ronka plush

SCREE!! *wiggle* (As The Great Serpent of Ronka is VERY easy to make, I will post up a sewing template you you can try for yourselves. Give me a few weeks to get it into a presentable format :]) (EDIT: The sewing template for The Great Serpent of Ronka is here!)

Red XIII plush (Version 2)

Had another go at the Red XIII plush. This time he has an entirely new body, new mane and wired legs and tail. The body shape is perfect now, I’m so happy with how it’s turned out. Was also able to get some better lighting for the photos. Red XIII has already sold unfortunately, he went really quickly, but most of the stuff I make is Final Fantasy related, so you may find something you like in my store: https://www.owlsteaparty.com/shop/

Scorbunny plush

A quick one – just a picture of the Scorbunny plush I made a while back. Also my favourite bedsheets.

FFIX Ozma Plush

I’ve wanted to try Spoonflower to print fabric for ages but couldn’t come up with anything that I thought would look good. A lot of the time hand stitching the detail or changing fabric creates a much better result that printing onto the fabric does. But after completing the Baldesion Arsenal in FFXIV and getting the mount, I realised a squishy Ozma is a prime candidate for printing given the bright colours and intricate patterns. The textures ripped from the original FF9 disk were so low res they were useless and I thought I’d need to recreate them completely from scratch. Looking into the remastered version of FFIX on steam, the textures were just either AI up-scaled or heavily filtered to make them appear splodgy/water-coloured. Better, but not good enough. In the end I found the original artwork for Ozma, seen in some of the Final Fantasy artbooks, had been used in FFXIV for the mount (the colours are heavily obscured on the boss/mount but they’re there). I still had to warp the image, manually sharpen lines and add bleed but the total work was far less than starting from scratch. The printing is so bright, it looks excellent in FFIX Ozma Plush

Giza rabbit plush

Giza rabbit/happy bunny/whatever you want to call it. I’ve always wanted to make a plushie of one and after they popped up in Eureka Pagos (FFXIV) I’ve been inspired again to make one. It’s bit and it’s damn fluffy. Most parts are standard minky/faux fur. The ears are special: two layers of sticky felt with aluminium wire down the core. Watercolours for the pink gradient. Black Copic for the detail.

Demon brick minion plush

Everyone needs a little Final Fantasy XIV minion of their own. This little guy is for sale on my web shop: https://www.owlsteaparty.com/shop/

Mog of War

Based on my World of Final Fantasy/Kupirate moogles, this Kratos moogle is much more cross.