FFIX Ozma Plush

I’ve wanted to try Spoonflower to print fabric for ages but couldn’t come up with anything that I thought would look good. A lot of the time hand stitching the detail or changing fabric creates a much better result that printing onto the fabric does. But after completing the Baldesion Arsenal in FFXIV and getting the mount, I realised a squishy Ozma is a prime candidate for printing given the bright colours and intricate patterns.

The textures ripped from the original FF9 disk were so low res they were useless and I thought I’d need to recreate them completely from scratch.

Pieced together textures from the PSX version of FFIX

Looking into the remastered version of FFIX on steam, the textures were just either AI up-scaled or heavily filtered to make them appear splodgy/water-coloured. Better, but not good enough.

Ozma from FFIX remaster

In the end I found the original artwork for Ozma, seen in some of the Final Fantasy artbooks, had been used in FFXIV for the mount (the colours are heavily obscured on the boss/mount but they’re there). I still had to warp the image, manually sharpen lines and add bleed but the total work was far less than starting from scratch.

The printing is so bright, it looks excellent in person.