Moogle mayhem

I’ve been making loads of moogles lately, kupo. Even though most of my time has been spent playing World of Final Fantasy, kupo.

Only one of these is for sale currently, but more will be available soon.

First is a big moogle plush. This is made of luxury faux fur and a little bit of minky for details like wings and footpads. It’s insanely soft and really cuddly. It was intented for sale, but my partner wont let me get rid of him! So I’ll have to make another to keep first and then sell this guy.

[Edit 11th Dec 2017 – This plush moogle is up for sale at]

Moogle teddy bear - Final Fantasy

Next is a small plush based on the moogle from World of Final Fantasy. This is an improvement on the first moogle plush I’ve made and the template has improved. This moogle is available for sale at

Moogle plush - World of Final Fantasy

Finally there is my fantastic kupirate plush, made to the same proportions (and mostly the same template) as the moogle above. I’m so proud of this one and he took ages with so many stripes and components (and lots of playing World of Final Fantasy on my part). He’s staying on the plushie shelf right here for now.

Kupirate plush - World of Final Fantasy