Final Fantasy XV Carbuncle Plush

Final Fantasy XV carbuncle plush

Notice (27th June 2017). The Carbuncle pictured has been sold, but there is another up for sale at

Something I’ve been wanting to make a for a long time – Carbuncle from the Final Fantasy XV Platinum demo. He’s made of two kinds of faux fur and is so super cuddly! I’m planning on making a really large one to keep but the fabric was so expensive that I’ll need to sell a few little ones to cover the costs (I say little – he’s 60cm long!).

He also has teddy bears eyes and nose made from plastic, claw fox-claws and a painted horn. He was a chance to work on a few techniques related to teddy-bear making. He’s not 100% perfect but is still cute. I used a number of Carbuncle images from the FFXV: Platinum Demo that I captured to try and get the features and proportions correct. Please feel free to use these images yourself for your own projects.

I’ll hopefully be making more if this one goes down well. I’ll also be sure to share photos of the mega-carbuncle too (or “Starbuncle” as my in-game Carbuncle was named). For now, here are some more photos:

Final Fantasy XV carbuncle plush Final Fantasy XV carbuncle plush Final Fantasy XV carbuncle plush Final Fantasy XV carbuncle plush


  • A says:

    Hi what js your ebay account name? I really want to buy one of these.

  • Dana Dissent says:

    Will you be making more? If so, what is the cost for the cutie pictured above? Thanks!

    • Lesley says:

      Sorry, I’m not sure if I’ll make any more as I’m so busy at the moment with new projects. Please keep an eye out though, you never know!

  • Sandra says:

    These are great! I so want one. I hope you have time to make more. Please contact me if you do!

  • Natasha says:

    I’m super late to this party D: but I so want one!

    Are you making more?

  • Chris says:

    Hey, this carbuncle is so cute and awesome i really need one, can you send me an email? I Really want to know how much i have to pay that you make one for me and ship it to EU Germany please please i give you everything :o. i dont mind if it takes a while if you have to do so much at the moment 😮


  • Alan says:

    Very lovely and beautiful doll. Although I know the FFXV Carbuncle plushes are sold out right now, I hope Lesley you can make more. Mind if I ask if you will make more in the future and whether you will ship to Hong Kong ? Mind if you can notify me if there is a new one (especially Carbuncle 1 ) for selling ?

    Warm regards,
    A great fan of your dolls from Hong Kong

  • Lisa says:

    I want one of these! Are you still making them?

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