Alte Roite plush

I haven’t finished anything since I started playing Final Fantasy XIV (there may be a connection there). There are a couple of minions that take my fancy but actually the first Final Fantasy XIV plush I’ve made is Alte Roite, the angry hate noodle from Omega Deltascape V1. If you’re like several members of my Free Company, it will also be the only Omega Savage raid that you can complete.

Alte is made from minky and trims of faux fur. Wire runs through the body and wings allowing some posing. I didn’t go for an open mouth as it’s really difficult to get it right, so sticky out tongue it is. It’s ended up more cute than terrifying but it will have to do! It’s difficult to plush up something that’s not already ‘cartoony’ (eg the existing wind up minions) so I hope I’ve done it justice!

Also, interesting fact, Alte Roite has four nostrils.

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