Carbuncle from Final Fantasy XV – Platinum Demo

Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo - Carbuncle

Today was the ‘Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV’ event and along with a lot of surprises (Final Fantasy film staring Sean Bean anyone?) we now have access to the Final Fantasy XV: Platinum Demo. I’ll be playing this as soon as I get the opportunity, but in the mean time, HOW CUTE IS CARBUNCLE!?!? He might just be a glorified fennec fox but that thing is certainly plushie material. Watch this space :3

Fennec fox

A summary of all the Final Fantasy XV news today:

  • Final Fantasy XV release date will be 30th September 2016
  • Game demo for PS4 and XBOX One released with content that won’t be in the final game: Platinum Demo – Final Fantasy XV. Complete the demo to unlock a Carbuncle summon when the game is released.
  • Final Fantasy movie is being released as a set up to Final Fantasy XV with Sean Bean, plus actors from Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad.
  • Five episode anime series as a prequel to the game: Brotherhood – Final Fantasy XV. You can see the first episode at

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