Final Fantasy Chocobo Racing Flower Pot

That’s right, classic FFVII chocobo racing from Gold Saucer painted onto a flower pot. An unlikely combination, yes, but the flower pots needed decorating and chocobos are my favourite.

Pot is a standard terracotta pot. Cleaned in water and scrubbed, but not primed (the plant it will contain likes the soil dry – and it’s a shame to lose the natural water absorption properties of the pottery that helps with keeping the soil at a good level of moisture.

First I sketched the chocobos onto the pot.


Then painted the main colours, grass and background (I needed to then re-sketch the chocobos). I used standard acrylic paints for this bit.


Then finally our multicolour chocobos. Gold chocobo is the winner, of course. Blue chocobo is having a hard time of it all. I used a black sharpie to pick out the detail. The final result was a little more cartoony than I initially wanted, but  it’ll do.
Chocobo racing decorated flower pot

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