Interior Design

How to paint skirting boards like a pro

Painted pine skirting drying

Comprehensive guide to preparing and painting your new pine skirting boards and door frames to keep them looking good for years to come. This guide ensures a smooth professional finish with no risks of bleed from knots or warping boards. Pine skirting boards are more durable and better looking than MDF skirting, but they can be much more of a pain to get it finished and fixed in your room. Choose MDF skirting if you want this job done quickly. It’s usually pre-painted and easy to install (all you need to do is cut and fit). However if you already have pine skirting to paint, or just want the nicer look of pine skirting, then follow the steps below to make sure […]

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Guide to buying taxidermy for the home

Bengal eagle owl and Rosella parakeet taxidermy

Purchasing and displaying taxidermy in the home in the UK is an increasingly fashionable but tricky business. Before it’s resurgence in interior design over the last few years I’m sure most people’s experience with taxidermy was at best a deer head at the local pub or a moth-eaten barn owl at an antiques fair. While any set of red deer antlers is going to look stunning, it certainly wont suit most living rooms, or fit into them for that matter. And I don’t blame anyone for not wanting a scraggly bird of prey or balding fox in their living room. However modern, well made and well-preserved taxidermy can truly look spectacular anywhere in the house. It is a work of art and a talented […]

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5 Beautiful Door Knobs – The Pick of the Best

Pastel ceramic door knobs

A beautiful set of door knobs is the finishing touch that often is never thought of. The right handles or knobs can give your up-cycled furniture the wow factor or set the tone before you’ve even entered the room. Here are a selection of my favourite door knobs available online currently.

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Build your own terrarium

Homemade terrarium

Terrariums, succulents and air plants have been growing in popularity over the last few years. There are several companies in the UK that provide terrarium kits or pre-assembled terrariums but they’re usually pretty costly. Here’s a quick guide to make your own trendy (and low-cost!) terrarium from scratch and keep it healthy in a UK climate. First you’ll need a container – any glass jar or container will do. Old Kilner jars, vases, fish bowls or any container designed to be turned into a terrarium. I got mine from Urban Outfitters UK but there are also plenty on Amazon, eBay, etsy and other suppliers. I prefer an open terrarium. It means you’ll have to water/maintain it and there’s less of […]

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