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Giza rabbit plush

September 25, 2018

Giza rabbit/happy bunny/whatever you want to call it. I’ve always wanted to make a plushie of one and after they popped up in Eureka Pagos (FFXIV) I’ve been inspired again to make one. It’s bit and it’s damn fluffy. Most parts are standard minky/faux fur. The ears are special: two layers of sticky felt with aluminium wire down the core. Watercolours for the pink gradient. Black Copic for the detail.

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Wind up Ixion plush

January 31, 2018

This is my dumpy little version of the Final Fantasy XIV Wind-up Ixion minion. I’ve nicknamed him the potato/popoto pony. He’s up for sale on Etsy. Ixion is made from minky fabric and faux fur for the most part. The horn was air-dry clay with a wire down the centre that extends right into the body so it’s nice and secure. It does make him very top heavy though, so the body has been weighed down with plastic pallets in the legs and then stuffed as usual with polyester stuffing. The eyes are some spare plastic safety eyes that I hadn’t used that were painted with acrylic and then sealed with polyurethane varnish. The acrylic paint will easily scratch off the […]

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Fenrir Pup plushie – Final Fantasy XIV

December 11, 2017

My first Final Fantasy XIV minion plush! Fenrir pup is so soft since it’s made almost entirely out of faux fur. The fur was new at the supplier I tend to get my teddy bear furs and fabrics from and was just perfect for this little guy. Unfortunately the faux fur is now no longer sold so it’s unlikely I’ll be able to make another 🙁 Fenrir pup has a short pile blue and purple faux furs for the body and a 60mm long pile white faux fur for the mane, tail and trim. The chest is the same faux fur as the longer stuff. It was such good quality I could cut it short and it was sill really […]

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Alte Roite plush

October 14, 2017

I haven’t finished anything since I started playing Final Fantasy XIV (there may be a connection there). There are a couple of minions that take my fancy but actually the first Final Fantasy XIV plush I’ve made is Alte Roite, the angry hate noodle from Omega Deltascape V1. If you’re like several members of my Free Company, it will also be the only Omega Savage raid that you can complete. Alte is made from minky and trims of faux fur. Wire runs through the body and wings allowing some posing. I didn’t go for an open mouth as it’s really difficult to get it right, so sticky out tongue it is. It’s ended up more cute than terrifying but it […]

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Feathered chocobo plushies

August 17, 2017
Realistic chocobo plush

UPDATE DEC 2018: I have two feathered chocobos available to buy. Please visit my Etsy store: Several pictures of my feathered chocobo plushies. I’ve just realised that I didn’t post them on this site so here are some pictures of the last two I’ve made: a standard yellow chocobo and the black chocochick from Final Fantasy XV. Hopefully I’ll be making a few of the yellow chocobo to sell before Christmas but it will depend on how much time I have. They’re mostly fairly simple to make but sewing, wiring and stuffing the legs is fiddly and time consuming.  

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FFXV Carbuncle up for sale

June 26, 2017

Notice (27th June 2017). This FFXV carbuncle is up for sale at I don’t sell commissions, I only sell finished products so you always know what you’re going to end up with. Please head over to the auction to see more photos.

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Fantastic reception for the Official Trico plush

June 16, 2017

Twitter is full of great pics of the official Trico plush. For those that haven’t seen anything yet, the Trico plush was available at the Playstation Gear store at E3 for $30 each. There are loads of pictures on twitter and apparently it featured on Playstation’s Snapchat. While you can buy a few highly marked up copies on eBay right now, I highly recommend waiting for the plush to come out for general sale in the future. More pics of Trico. He's cute. — Anto 2.907 (@ajlareneg) June 15, 2017 I'm sending my girlfriend a Trico 🙂 he has a long trip ahead of him 😉 — Emilio Lopez (@EMannLand) June 13, 2017 I need this #Trico plushie. […]

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