Pokemon plushies

Doduo and Weepinduo



Large plushes of Doduo and his Weepingduo brother, Clarence.
Doduo and Weepinduo plushes




Sun and Moon starter Pokemon – Rowlet and Litten

Litten and rowlet plush thumbnail

One of the first Rowlet plushes to be made plus a cute Litten beanie plush to match it.

Rowlet plush (and there’s also a sewing template for Rowlet)

Litten plush


Chibi Zapdos



A very happy Zapdos that you an hang on your door handle.

Zapdos plush door hanger


Chibi Charizard

Chibi Charizard plush


A little chibi charizard that you can sew yourself!

Charizard/chibi dragon sewing pattern



Full-size Pidgey Plush

Full-size Pidgey Plush


Since Pidgey turns up go frequently in Pokemon Go, I got rather attached to it. So I made a “life-size” one (30cm high).

Pidgey plush



Pikipek Plush

pikipek plush


Pikipek will appear in Pokemon Sun and Moon. I love bird Pokemon so made a little one in flight.

Pikipek plush