Rowlet plush for sale and sewing template

May 30, 2016

Notice: I wont be selling any more standard Rowlet plushes now that the official one has been released. Check them out! Oh no, these are all sold out! You can find still find them on Amazon (pricey) and eBay (not so pricey).

Here’s the sewing template I used to make my Rowlet plush, which I’m sharing for free! Why free? Rowlet isn’t my IP so I have no right to charge for a template. I am also too lazy to make detailed assembly instructions, which really should be included if someone is going to pay for a template.

I followed this to make a couple of Rowlets with great success. (If you don’t feel confident sewing this yourself, there may still be a pre-made Rowlet for sale at my Etsy store) You may need to change the sewing line for the top and bottom to make the head and bottom a little rounder (I didn’t record my changes but I did have to make some adjustments). You’ll know whether you need to when the whole body is complete but unstuffed.

I tend to sew the white eye area into the front body part first – then sew all the brown sections together (plus the top part of the green tail) – then add the rest of the paler bottom sections to the body. The underside of the tail is the last part to be sewn on.

Then the body gets stuffed and the hole sewn up. The remaining body parts (bowtie, feet and beak) can then be added to the round Rowlet body. I made self-adhesive felt eyes and stuck them on at the end. If you want to use plastic safety eyes or embroider them yourself – then you already know what to do and you can use the size on the Rowlet sewing template as a guide.


Free Rowlet sewing template


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