Hosting for your craft blog

This is the obligatory hosting post that turns up on most small blogs! Generally, paid for hosting give out free time for referral link clicks. The writer gets free time. You get… probably nothing except a link to a hosting company that you may already be considering. The following is an honest review of three […]

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Final Fantasy XV Avatars

In one of the campaigns to generate interest in Final Fantasy XV, SquareEnix have been running a Chocobo Keeper campaign that will unlock avatars, wallpaper and other goodies as more and more users sign up to follow their twitter account @FFXV. The more people who follow, the more unlocks there will be. This campaign has […]

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FFXV Carbuncle reference images and screenshots

FFXV - Carbuncle

For anyone interested in drawing or making Carbuncle from the new FFXV Platinum Demo, here are a number of images of him from throughout the demo. There are a number of different poses and body parts featured useful in getting colours and proportions correct. I’ll be using it for my Carbuncle figurine and plushie and I hope this […]

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Portal 2 Ratman Wall Murals

Being a huge fan of Portal 2, I really wanted to have a root around in the game’s files and see what spoils I could find. Along with a variety of sound files and music (the Soundtrack that Valve have released is much better), I managed to stumble across the collection of silly posters dotted […]

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